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AMERCOAT 237 M - 1

PRODUCT DATA SHEET September 18, 2015 (Revision of June 28, 2015) AMERCOAT® 237 M DESCRIPTION Heavy duty non-skid epoxy coating PRINCIPAL CHARACTERISTICS • Tough, abrasion resistant epoxy coating containing hard non-skid grit • Non-skid grit pre-dispersed in epoxy component • Easy spray or roll on application • Suitable for off shore decks, helicopter pads, vehicular decks, truck ramps, and walkways COLOR AND GLOSS LEVEL • Dark Gray, Haze Gray, Oxide Red • Semi-gloss Note: Epoxy coatings will characteristically chalk and fade upon exposure to sunlight. Light colors are prone to ambering to some extent BASIC DATA AT 68°F (20°C) Data for mixed product Number of components Volume solids Shelf life Base: at least 36 months when stored cool and dry Hardener: at least 36 months when stored cool and dry Notes: - See ADDITIONAL DATA – Overcoating intervals - See ADDITIONAL DATA – Curing time RECOMMENDED SUBSTRATE CONDITIONS AND TEMPERATURES • Coating performance is, in general, proportional to the degree of surface preparation Steel • SSPC SP-6, SP-10, SP-11, or SP-12 WJ-2(L), then prime with suitable primer. See specific primer for further details • Achieve a surface profile of 2.0 - 5.0 mils

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AMERCOAT 237 M - 2

PRODUCT DATA SHEET September 18, 2015 (Revision of June 28, 2015) AMERCOAT® 237 M Concrete • Remove all surface contaminants such as oil, grease, and embedded chemicals • Abrade the surface per ASTM D4259 to remove all chalk and surface glaze or laitance • Mechanical surface preparation should expose sub-surface voids and provide a surface profile equivalent to 60 grit sandpaper or coarser • Surface should be free from moisture in accordance with ASTM D4263. Refer to Information Sheet # 1496ACUS for further details regarding moisture measurements • Slabs on grade should have a maximum...

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AMERCOAT 237 M - 3

PRODUCT DATA SHEET September 18, 2015 (Revision of June 28, 2015) AMERCOAT® 237 M Pot life 4 hours at 70°F (21°C) Note: See ADDITIONAL DATA – Pot life Application • Area should be sheltered from airborne particulates and pollutants • Avoid combustion gases or other sources of carbon dioxide that may promote amine blush and ambering of light colors • Ensure good ventilation during application and curing • Provide shelter to prevent wind from affecting spray patterns Air spray • Use an agitated, bottom fluid outlet spray pot equipped 3/4" fluid outlet connection such as a Binks 5-gallon Model...

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AMERCOAT 237 M - 4

PRODUCT DATA SHEET September 18, 2015 (Revision of June 28, 2015) AMERCOAT® 237 M Brush/roller • Use a short nap roller with a long handle and roll evenly. Mixed material can be poured in a ribbon and rolled in one direction Recommended thinner AMERCOAT T-10 THINNER Volume of thinner 0 – 5% Cleaning solvent Amercoat 12 Cleaner (Thinner 90-58) ADDITIONAL DATA Overcoating interval for DFT up to 2.0 mils (51 µm ) Overcoating with... itself and various twopack epoxy coatings Notes: - Dry times are dependent on air and surface temperatures as well as film thickness, ventilation, and relative...

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AMERCOAT 237 M - 5

PRODUCT DATA SHEET September 18, 2015 (Revision of June 28, 2015) AMERCOAT® 237 M SAFETY PRECAUTIONS • For paint and recommended thinners see INFORMATION SHEETS 1430, 1431 and relevant Material Safety Data Sheets • This is a solvent-borne paint and care should be taken to avoid inhalation of spray mist or vapor, as well as contact between the wet paint and exposed skin or eyes WORLDWIDE AVAILABILITY It is always the aim of PPG Protective and Marine Coatings to supply the same product on a worldwide basis. However, slight modification of the product is sometimes necessary to comply with...

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