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AMERCOAT 138 G - 1

PRODUCT DATA SHEET AMERCOAT® 138 G DESCRIPTION Heavy duty non-skid epoxy coating PRINCIPAL CHARACTERISTICS • Tough, abrasion resistant epoxy coating containing hard non-skid grit • Non-skid grit pre-dispersed in epoxy component • Qualified to Mil-PRF-24667, Types I and 2 COLOR AND GLOSS LEVEL • Dark gray, black • Low sheen Note: Epoxy coatings will characteristically chalk and fade upon exposure to sunlight BASIC DATA AT 68°F (20°C) Data for mixed product Number of components Mass density Volume solids Recommended dry film thickness See spreading rate tables Theoretical spreading rate Shelf life Base: at least 12 months when stored cool and dry Hardener: at least 12 months when stored cool and dry Notes: - See ADDITIONAL DATA – Overcoating intervals - See ADDITIONAL DATA – Curing time RECOMMENDED SUBSTRATE CONDITIONS AND TEMPERATURES • Coating performance is, in general, proportional to the degree of surface preparation Steel • SSPC SP-10, SP-11, or SP-12 WJ-2(L), then prime with suitable primer. A minimum anchor profile of 2.0 mils (50 µm) is required. Optimum is 3.0 – 4.5 mils (75 – 114 µm). See specific primer for further details. For Mil-PRF-24667 qualified applications, use AMERCOAT 137 as the primer

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AMERCOAT 138 G - 2

PRODUCT DATA SHEET AMERCOAT® 138 G Concrete • Prepare in accordance with SSPC SP-13 guidelines • Remove all surface contaminants such as oil, grease, and embedded chemicals • Abrade the surface per ASTM D4259 to remove all chalk and surface glaze or laitance • Mechanical surface preparation should expose sub-surface voids and provide a surface profile equivalent to 60 grit sandpaper or coarser • Surface should be free from moisture in accordance with ASTM D4263. Refer to Information Sheet # 1496ACUS for further details regarding moisture measurements • Slabs on grade should have a maximum...

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AMERCOAT 138 G - 3

PRODUCT DATA SHEET AMERCOAT® 138 G Application • Area should be sheltered from airborne particulates and pollutants • Avoid combustion gases or other sources of carbon dioxide that may promote amine blush. • Ensure good ventilation during application and curing Material temperature Material temperature during application should be between 60°F (16°C) and 80°F (27°C) Air spray • May be applied with a bottom feed pressure pot Airless spray • Not recommended Brush/roller • Pour mixed material out in a ribbon • Use a napless, phenolic core roller with a long handle and roll evenly in one...

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AMERCOAT 138 G - 4

PRODUCT DATA SHEET AMERCOAT® 138 G Overcoating interval based on deck temperatures Overcoating with... Notes: - Dry times are dependent on air and surface temperatures as well as film thickness, ventilation, and relative humidity. Maximum recoating time is highly dependent upon actual surface temperatures – not simply air temperatures. Surface temperatures should be monitored, especially with sun-exposed or otherwise heated surfaces. Higher surface temperatures shorten the maximum recoat window - Surface must be clean and dry. Any contamination must be identified and removed. Particular...

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AMERCOAT 138 G - 5

PRODUCT DATA SHEET AMERCOAT® 138 G WORLDWIDE AVAILABILITY It is always the aim of PPG Protective and Marine Coatings to supply the same product on a worldwide basis. However, slight modification of the product is sometimes necessary to comply with local or national rules/circumstances. Under these circumstances an alternative product data sheet is used. REFERENCES • CONVERSION TABLES • EXPLANATION TO PRODUCT DATA SHEETS • SAFETY INDICATIONS • SAFETY IN CONFINED SPACES AND HEALTH SAFETY, EXPLOSION HAZARD – INFORMATION SHEET INFORMATION SHEET INFORMATION SHEET INFORMATION SHEET TOXIC HAZARD...

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