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SEAGUARD® 1000 Protective & Marine Coatings MARINE ENAMEL N41-620 SERIES Revised 4/10 9.47 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION RECOMMENDED USES SEAGUARD 1000 MARINE ENAMEL is a fast drying, patented modied alkyd rust inhibitive high gloss marine enamel. Seaguard 1000 Marine Enamel has excellent non-yellowing characteristics and superior color and gloss retention on exterior exposure. Specically formulated to withstand Marine and coastal environments. For both interior and exterior applications. For atmospheric use on interior and exterior exposed marine surfaces such as commercial ocean craft, trim and decks, coastal structures and properly primed wood, Iron and Steel, Aluminum and Galvanizing. • Corrosion resistant • Excellent color and gloss retention • Low odor PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS Finish: High gloss 85+ Units @ 60° angle Colors: Wide range of color availability Volume Solids: 50% ± 2%, may vary by color Weight Solids: 63% ± 2%, may vary by color VOC (EPA Method 24): <420 g/L; 3.5 lb/gal Recommended Spreading Rate per coat: Wet mils (microns) Dry mils (microns) ~Coverage sq ft/gal (m2/L) Minimum 4.0 100 2.0 50 265 6.5 Maximum 6.0 150 3.0 75 400 9.8 Theoretical coverage sq ft/gal 800 19.6 (m2/L) @ 1 mil / 25 microns dft NOTE: Brush or roll application may require multiple coats to achieve maximum lm thickness and uniformity of appearance. Drying Schedule @ 4.0 mils wet (100 microns): @ 77°F/25°C 50% RH To touch: To handle: To recoat: To cure: 1-2 hours 4-8 hours 12-24 hours N/A Drying time is temperature, humidity, and lm thickness dependent. Shelf Life: Flash Point: Reducer/Clean Up: • Deck Houses • Handrails • Machinery and Equipment • Ladders • Topside Areas • Logo Equipment • Freeboard Test Name Abrasion Resistance Corrosion / Weathering Resistance Direct Impact Resistance Dry Heat Resistance Exterior Durability Flexibility Pencil Hardness Reverse Impact Resistance Salt Fog Resistance Wet Heat Resistance (non-immersion) Test Method Results ASTM D4060 54 grams 6 cycles ASTM G14 80 lbs ASTM D522 ASTM D3363 300°F (149°C), paint lm yellows but remains protective and intact Excellent 1/8" bend 2-4H ASTM G14 10 lbs ASTM B117 500 hrs ASTM D2485 100°F (38°C) Meets the requirements of: CAN/CGSB 1.61 For Canada DND 36 months, unopened at 77°F (25°C) 110°F (43°C) PMCC Mineral Spirits, R1K4, clean up only continued on back

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SEAGUARD® 1000 Protective & Marine Coatings MARINE ENAMEL N41-620 SERIES PRODUCT INFORMATION 9.47 SURFACE PREPARATION RECOMMENDED SYSTEMS Dry Film Thickness / ct. Mils (Microns) Steel, alkyd primer: 1 ct. Seaguard Universal Primer 2 cts. Seaguard 1000 Marine Enamel 2.5-3.5 (63-88) 2.0-3.0 (50-75) Aluminum: 1 ct. DTM Wash Primer 2 cts. Seaguard 1000 Marine Enamel 0.7-1.3 (18-32) 2.0-3.0 (50-75) Galvanized Metal: 1 ct. Galvite HS 2 cts. Seaguard 1000 Marine Enamel 3.0-4.5 (75-112) 2.0-3.0 (50-75) Surface must be clean, dry, and in sound condition. Remove all oil, dust, grease, dirt, loose...

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SEAGUARD® 1000 Protective & Marine Coatings MARINE ENAMEL N41-620 SERIES APPLICATION BULLETIN APPLICATION PROCEDURES 9.47 PERFORMANCE TIPS Surface preparation must be completed as indicated. Stripe coat all crevices, welds, and sharp angles to prevent early failure in these areas. Mixing Instructions: Mix paint thoroughly with low speed power When using spray application, use a 50% overlap with each pass agitation prior to use. of the gun to avoid holidays, bare areas, and pinholes. If necessary, Apply paint at the recommended lm thickness and spreading cross spray at a right angle. rate as...

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