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Rigid Glass Solar Module eRigid MSP Series Picture maybe different from actual goods due to cell technology or raw material upgrade. MAIN FEATURES* ☆ Back Contact Cells,Cell Efficiency up to 25.4%,Module efficiency over 22%. More power output per square meter,ideal for RV,boat roof or home when space is limit.Smaller size save space. ☆ Premium Aesthetics Without copper ribbon on front and using high aesthestics solar cells,either black or silver frame fits your roof,boat,stand alone solar systems better. ☆ Excellent weak light performance and Maximum energy per watt Deliver the most energy in demanding real world conditions,in partial shade,weak light,and hot temperatures. ☆ Durability-Leading quality raw material SunPower back contact cell is the only cell built on a solid copper foundation.Virtually impervious to the corrosion and cracking that degrade conventional panels.Low iron tempered glass,high density aluminium frame,top brand EVA and backsheet,our panel produces 9% more power than others year by year. POWER WARRANTY 5 YEARS WARRANTY 25 YEARS POWER GUARANTEE* ☆ 5 years quality insured,free replacement,maintenance ☆ 10 years power output more than 90% ☆ 25 years power output more than 80% Traditional Warranty 25-Year Energy Production / Watt AHONY eRigid MSP-Series 36% more, year 25 More Energy Per Rated Watt *Please refer to our website or ask AHONY workers for certification and warranty details.

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SunPower Maxeon Gen 7 eRigid M series | Latest Maxeon Gen 7 SunPower cell Upgrade to Maxeon Gen 7 cell,max 25.4%,It’s still the highest efficiency cell using in application consumer products. AHONY’s SunPower Cell Efficiency Advantage 26 25 Solar cell efficiency(%) Thin film and others PERC cell Feature BRAND • Ultra-pure, n-type, monocrystalline silicon for maximum power. aesthetics pure black module • Tin barrier prevents corrosion. • Uniquely durable back-contact design with no ribbons on front.It’s no cell crack when walk,step on in solar panel. • Clean and elegant aesthetics by...

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SunPower Maxeon Gen 7 eRigid M series | QUALITY,REALIABILITY AND ADDED VALUE* PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS* AHONY is dedicated to produce,design,R&D eRigid MSP series to be high quality,high aesthestics,positive power output tolerance. The panels are for leisure,mobile,off grid,marine market,small home system,stand alone solar system etc. ELECTRICAL PARAMETERS* Item Maximum Power[Wp] SunPower Maxeon Gen 7 Solar Cell Solar Cell Cell Array[Pcs] Cell Efficiency Max Power Voltage Vmp[V] Max Power Current Imp[A] Open Circuit Voltage Voc[V] Short Circuit Current Isc[A] Operating Temperature[℃] Safety...

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