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SHARK MARINE 23 Nihan Dr., Unit 4 St. Catharines, E-mail: - light weight - corrosion resistant - powered with remote hand control - level wind used with or without These reels will handle cables for small ROVs, camera systems, sonar equipment as well as many other applications. They are available in two both with 11 inch cores). Options included, power or manual drive, level wind, lifting bar, and an encoder for metering the cable payout. YOUR UNDERWATER TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST -

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Cable Reel Bro - 2

SHARK MARINE 23 Nihan Dr., Unit 4 St. Catharines, Technologies Ine* E-mail: Reel Specifications: Reel Size without handle with handle Drive Speed 87.6cm (34.5 inches) without drive motor87.6cm /34.5 inches without drive 90.17cm (35.5 inches) with drive motor 90.17cm/35.5 inches with drive motor 22.25kg(49 lbs) empty no drive motor 24.5kg /54 lbs empty no drive motor 36kg (79 lbs) empty with drive motor 38kg/84 lbs empty with drive motor Bollard Pull Max 45.3kg (1 OOlbs) (Adjustable) Motor Drive: weather resistant 120vac, Vi hp DC motor, with variable speed & dual...

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