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Yacht Product Catalogue version 7


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Yacht Product Catalogue version 7 - 1

YACHT PRODUCT CATALOGUE Rig solutions for yachts ranging from 28 to 80 feet.

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Yacht Product Catalogue version 7 - 2

product catalogues We hope this Seldén Yacht product catalogue will be helpful for you finding accessories and spare parts for your rig. This is one of five product catalogues and it presents our range of products for approximately 28’ to 80‘ yachts. If you need any of the other catalogues you are welcome to pick them up from your local dealer or to download from SELDÉN DECK HARDWARE Deck hardware Blocks, cleats, swivels, tracks, travellers, deck organizers and accessories. DECK HARD WARE 1 KEEL BOAT Rig systems and accessories for 18 to 26 feet boats. PRODUCT CATALOGUE...

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Yacht Product Catalogue version 7 - 3

Cross beams for catamaran Furling masts manual and electric drive Furlex jib furling and reefing system Just smart Seldén worldwide. Useful publications. Contents in alphabetical order The information and specifications contained in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice.

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Yacht Product Catalogue version 7 - 5

Making the best yacht rigging systems in the world is only part of our business. With a large number of championship medals in the Olympics, World Championships, European Championships and national championships, Seldén has proved to be Number One in rig systems for dinghies and keelboats. So no matter the size of your boat, whether you push your equipment to the very limit, or just enjoy leisurely cruising, go Seldén and you’ll benefit from reliable top-class gear.

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Yacht Product Catalogue version 7 - 6

Right from the start Seldén was founded in 1960 and it has grown from a small company into the world leader, with manufacturing in Europe, the USA and Asia. Precise, meticulous work has always been a characteristic of Seldén. Our manufacturing methods, tools and instruments have been specially developed to meet the demands of large-scale, cost-effective, quality production and the high demands of sailors around the world. However, we still carry out the same heeling tests as we did back in 1965. We started by doing things in the right way, and that is how we have continued. Heeling test in...

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Yacht Product Catalogue version 7 - 7

The key to a correct rig calculation is the quality of the input data at our disposal. This data consists of hard facts, plus what we can learn by listening very carefully when talking to the customer. In our search for perfection, no detail is considered too small. This applies to everything, from the choice of materials to stringent testing of the finished product. Seldén’s business philosophy can be summed up as quality thinking and system thinking, and a continuous quest to achieve the best possible function for each product. This catalogue provides an overview of this holistic...

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Yacht Product Catalogue version 7 - 8

Leaders in every detail Every Seldén rig is carefully thought out, down to the last detail. All the way from the materials and functions of the different parts of the rig, to dimensioning the right rig for each individual boat. Each individual component contributes to the performance of the whole rig. That is the Seldén way – experienced yachtsmen behind every aspect of design, product development and production.

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Yacht Product Catalogue version 7 - 9

MASTS Mast sections 10 Selden carbon spars 12 Forestay and backstay toggles 19 Forestay fittings and halyard routing 20 Running backstay attachments 29 Deck ring system 47 All our standard rigs are custom made Extruded aluminium is an excellent material for making masts. This is where Selden has earned its reputation as world leader in mast making. Today Selden offers a full range of masts and rig equipment in both aluminium and carbon including booms, spinnaker poles, Rodkicker rigid vangs, furling systems, rig fittings and deck hardware. All rigs are custom-made, through...

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Yacht Product Catalogue version 7 - 10

C-sections and F-sections Loads generated by the crew (mainsheet, vang, outhaul, Cunningham etc.) are transferred to the mainsail and on to the mast. As the mainsail is designed according to the expected curve of the mast, a longitudinally stiff mast allows for less luff curve of the sail. Instead, this sail area can be added to the roach of the sail, where it is subjected to the wind and more efficient. The longitudinal rigidity of the mast section makes for higher forestay load created by tensioning the backstay. Running backstays can often be avoided. The risk of mast pumping is also...

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Yacht Product Catalogue version 7 - 11

Mast section measurements are given as follows: Major diameter/Minor diameter (i.e. 211/110). This will help identification and the use of correct measurements. The major diameter of the mast can usually be found in the number engraved at the mast heel. For example K23-C211-4475. Measurement points Space for luff tape Luff groove Furling mast luff extrusion Weight A kg/m mm Big luff curve. Less roach. Stiff mast. Bigger roach for more projected area.

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Yacht Product Catalogue version 7 - 12

Seldén carbon fibre masts – the perfect mix of craftsmanship and modern production technology

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Yacht Product Catalogue version 7 - 13

MORE SPEED WITH FAST FIBRES Our carbon spars are designed using the latest finite element analysis backed by many years of solid engineering experience. Our unique production method gives a unique look. We call it Mandrel Filament Moulding (MFM). The process is fully automated and computer controlled for ultimate accuracy, repeatability, efficiency and that stunning ‘Viper’ pattern. Selden produce over 400 carbon masts per year as well as booms, poles and bow sprits for boats including high performance skiffs, racing keelboats, IRC race boats and some of the world’s most...

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Yacht Product Catalogue version 7 - 14

Seldén carbon spars For everyone who cannot resist speed Carbon composite combines stiffness and strength with low weight. Seldén lowweight carbon spars have accentuated longitudinal stiffness. This means that forestay tension can be substantially increased. All experienced racing sailors know what this means in terms of increased upwind performance. The combination of greater stiffness and reduced weight will bring you beyond the speed limits.

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Yacht Product Catalogue version 7 - 15

Mast Section Ely Elx Wall Weight Wy Wx Black pigment in the epoxy protects against UV radiation. Clear varnish, or paint, provide extra UV protection and preserves the exclusive appearance.

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