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OF YOUR YACHT WITH Seldén manufactures the world’s best yacht rig systems. In our search for perfection, no detail is deemed too small for consideration or improvement. Every component makes an active contribution to the performance of the rig. So no matter the size of your boat, whether you push yourself or your equipment to the very limit, or just enjoy leisurely cruising, you should choose Seldén. The same applies whether you are choosing a new rig, or selecting smart rig accessories to sharpen the performance of your current rig.

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GET MORE OUT OF SAILING WITH AN EXTENDABLE GENNAKER BOWSPRIT An extendable gennaker bowsprit from Seldén makes gennaker sailing easier, more efficient and much more fun. You just slide the bowsprit out to its active position when-ever you want. Then, when you douse your gennaker, you slide the bowsprit back and secure it to the aft pad eye. The inboard end of the bowsprit is fitted with a spring-loaded plunger for simple attachment to the pad eye. Choose between carbon fibre and aluminium models. • Unique end fittings • Gives the gennaker more clear air • Facilitates rapid gybing • lways on...

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FURLEX – A COMPLETE FOREDECK HAND A Furlex jib furling and reefing system gives you full control of the foresail in all kinds of weather. The principles for reducing rolling resistance, friction and bearing loads are based on Seldén’s own patented technical solutions. The unique load distributor in the halyard swivel bearing was developed into the Furlex back in 1983. Furlex is the world’s most sold jib furling and reefing system. It is available in a wide range of models to suit the many varied wishes and needs of different yachtsmen. For more information on the Seldén range, see our...

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MANUAL FURLEX – ON-DECK OR THROUGH-DECK Furlex enables you to operate the foresail from the cockpit with the greatest of ease. There are eight Furlex models – 20S, 40S, 50S, 100S, 200S, 300S, 400S and 500S – for dinghies and keelboats, and for yachts of up to approx. 70 ft. Choose Furlex TD (through-deck) and you will maximise your luff length and boost performance even further. And as an extra bonus, you get more space on the foredeck. Furlex TD is available for forestay dimensions 6-14 mm. 6 For more information on the Seldén range, see our product catalogue or visit

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Furlex Electric is available as a complete kit for new yachts or as an upgrading kit for existing Furlex 200S 400S. The push-button performance of a Furlex Electric takes the strain out of furling and reefing the sail. Choose between Furlex Electric (for on-deck installation) and Furlex TD Electric (for through-deck installation). It is easy to upgrade your existing Furlex 200S - 400S. Just replace the control lines, drum, and line guard assembly with a Furlex motor unit. You do not need to modify the sail. OPERATE YOUR FURLEX AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON Furlex Hydraulic is designed to provide...

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SELDÉN CX Furling system for furling gennaker, Code 0 and stay sail Both the gennaker and the Code 0 take over when the spinnaker cannot be carried any more. They do not need a spinnaker pole, lift or downhaul. Sailing off the wind becomes easy, more efficient and definitely more fun. Seldén has been manufacturing furling systems since the 80’s and are world market leaders in jib furling and main sail furling. All this experience is put into the Seldén CX and, as usual, our design focus has been reliable function. Our attention to details combined with low weight makes Seldén CX easy to...

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SELDÉN GX Furling systems for asymmetric spinnakers and cruising chutes For every sailor who is thrilled by boat speed in combination with fast and easy sail handling, Seldén GX is a new extra member of the crew. Unfurling an asymmetric spinnaker will give you instant gratification in terms of sailing performance and true sailing pleasure. For cruising In light winds you can have the furled sail hoisted, ready for action. Once you are off the wind you simply release the furling line and pull on the sheet and the asymmetric spinnaker unfurls while you remain in the safety of the cockpit. You...

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SELDÉN FURLING MAST – PERFORMANCE AND CONVENIENCE ROLLED INTO ONE Furling made easy. A Seldén furling mast makes fast and easy work of setting your mainsail. And when you furl the sail into the mast, it is stowed away as you roll it in. With a Seldén furling mast you set your sail to suit the wind and weather conditions without leaving the safety of your cockpit. So you combine safety with convenience. The mast is prepared for vertical battens, to allow for a positive roach on the furling mainsail. A fine combination for yachtsmen who appreciate performance and convenience. Seldén furling...

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MDS FULL-BATTEN CONCEPT LETS THE BATTENS RUN FREELY Seldén MDS (Multi Directional Support) cars are supported in all directions, making sail handling simpler. The cars have side-load absorbing wheels that run against the guiding flanges in the luff grooves. The interaction between the mast section and the MDS cars deals with longitudinal loads as well as side loads, making it easier both to set and reef the sail. The MDS cars are easy to keep clean and simple to install or remove from the luff groove. The MDS system is ideal for use with a Seldén Single Line Reef boom. The combination will...

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BOOMS WITH A STRONG PROFILE Seldén booms have a wealth of sophisti­ ated features and can be c equipped with a variety of reefing systems to suit different boats and the needs of different sailors. The booms can be fitted for traditional slab reefing or Single Line Reef, or for furling masts. The boom extrusions are relatively deep in relation to their width, allowing a lighter extrusion with high resistance to vertical bending. This makes them perfect for use with modern, stiff sailcloth and efficient Rodkicker rigid vangs. MATCH RACING BOOM FOR CONSTANT ALL-OUT PERFORMANCE Seldén match...

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