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Winch S and R - 2

Another leap ahead The Seldén winches are manually operated and of self-tailing type with two gears forward. So far, exactly as we are all used to and that’s where the similarity to other winches ends. We have developed a unique design of the drum which consists of concave surfaces that provide an extraordinary grip. You can have fewer turns on the drum thus reducing the risk of an override, which in turn allows the line to be released quickly in light or heavy air. A large step towards more efficient and safer sailing. Several safety aspects have been implemented into the functions of our...

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Winch S and R - 3

Reversible winches R30, R40, R46, R52 Reversing is a big step forward The unique feature with Seldén R-series is that you can let the line out by reversing the winch drum. The purpose made winch handle has a button which is pushed down with your thumb to prepare the winch for reverse drive. The winch handle is rotated clock wise and the line is eased out. The line remains in the self-tailing jaws all the time which means it’s a one hand operation to trim the sheet, the halyard or the spinnaker guy. Fast trim is a great advantage for the racing sailor as instant trim makes for higher boat...

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Winch S and R - 4

Power ratio Fasteners (Allen)* High speed * Fasteners and winch handle are not included. * Fasteners and winch handle are not included. Fasteners (Allen)* SELDÉN and FURLEX are registered trademarks of Seldén Mast AB Seldén Mast AB, Sweden e-mail, High speed Power ratio

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