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Synchronized Main Furling, SMF


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SYNCHRONIZED MAIN FURLING Upgrade your furling mast to electric drive Scan and watch Synchronized Main Furling

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SYNCHRONIZED MAIN FURLING To make sail handling easier for a small crew we have synchronized an electric motor in the mast with a newly developed electric winch for the outhaul, E40i. Push a button and the sail comes out in a controlled fashion as the winch adjusts the outhaul tension in relation to the motor in the mast. IN-MAST FURLING MOTOR Converting a manually operated furling mast is quite easy. Basically, the vertical shaft in the original line driver is replaced for a longer version which is connected to the motor. A clutch allows the motor to be disconnected for manual operation,...

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Synchronized Main Furling, SMF - 3

SYNCHRONIZED MAIN FURLING HOW IT’S CONNECTED Power supply & SEL-Bus system The Seldén Power Supply System converts 12V or 24V to 42V which allows for smaller motors and thinner cables. Each electric function has a dedicated motor control unit and as they are connected through a Can Bus system, named ”SEL-Bus”, they communicate for smooth operation of the sail without overloads. When not in use, the system will switch into sleep mode to save power. 1. Battery 2. Main switch/fuse 3. Power Supply Unit (PSU). Converts 12/24V to 42V 4. Push buttons for Synchronized Main Furling 8 5. E40i...

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Synchronized Main Furling, SMF - 4

DINGHIESKEELBOATSYACHTS Seldén Mast AB, Sweden Tel +46 (0)31 69 69 00 e-mail Seldén Mast Limited, UK Tel +44 (0)1329 50 40 00 e-mail The Seldén Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of mast and rigging systems in carbon and aluminium for dinghies, keelboats and yachts. Seldén Mast Inc., USA Tel +1 843-760-6278 e-mail Our well known brands are Seldén and Furlex. Seldén Mast A/S, Denmark Tel +45 39 18 44 00 e-mail build a network of over 750 authorised dealers covering Seldén Mid Europe B.V., Netherlands Tel...

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