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Seldén offer a full range of spinnaker equipment for keelboats. It consists of five aluminium pole sections, three carbon fibre sections, low weight composite end fittings, telescopic whisker poles, jockey poles and mast fittings. Dimensioning correct size of pole is easy and they are available as build-it-yourself kits or custom made by Seldén.

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Aluminium spinnaker poles Photo: Fiona Brown. Art. no. 534-865. Used for section S048 and S060. A bridle is used to attach the downhaul. Section data, parallel aluminium tubes These tubes are fitted with pole savers to shield the pole against damage from forestay and shrouds. Composite spinnaker pole fittings Section data, tapered aluminium tubes Section The end fittings are made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide composite. This material makes for a combination of low weight and strength and it also prevents damage to boat or mast when the pole is on the fore deck. The claw has a well...

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Telescopic poles A telescopic pole can be extended to 150% of normal spinnaker pole length, a must when poling out a large genoa or a gennaker. It can be telescoped down for easier stowage. Displ. tonnes Spinnaker pole position, mm Whisker pole heavy conditions, mm Whisker pole light conditions, mm Whisker pole light conditions Whisker pole heavy conditions Spinnaker pole Telescopic pole. Maximises your downwind performance. Minimises your stowage problem. Jockey poles The jockey pole reduces the loads and minimises the wear on guys and life lines. Art. no. Spinnaker pole Jockey pole

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Carbon spinnaker poles Seldén spinnaker poles are designed to make light work of spinnaker handling. The big advantage of carbon fibre is its low weight. The weight savings enable the crew to handle the spinnaker faster, with less effort. Photo: Fiona Brown. Quarter tonner. Seldén quality We have developed our own CNC-controlled manufacturing method in which pre-impregnated carbon fibre tows are wound onto a mandrel prior to oven curing. The cured tube is then separated from the mandrel. This method enables us to exercise full control over every stage of the manufacturing process and...

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Selecting the right pole Just look in the appropriate table for your yacht’s displacement or righting moment (RM) at 30° heel, then look right for the value exceeding your SPL value. Example: For an aluminium spinnaker pole. Yacht displacement 2.8 tonnes, SPL is 3000 mm. The correct section is S060. For optional bridle see page 63 Aluminium spinnaker pole selection Aluminium whisker pole selection Displ. tonnes Displ. (tonnes) 1. Selections shown above assume the downhaul is attached via a bridle or at outboard end. If a central downhaul attachment is used, the pole diameter must be...

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For optional bridle see page 63 Carbon spinnaker pole selection Carbon whisker pole selection Displ. tonnes Displ. tonnes "Flush Poker, Latitude-Voile". Winner of 2009 HN Brittany Race. Seldén rig and deck hardware.

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Spinnaker pole kits There is no need to wait for Seldén to build your customized spinnaker pole. You can easily build it yourself from one of our kits. Your local Seldén dealer will, of course, be happy to do the job for you. Aluminium spinnaker pole kits Art. no. 10 x 171-023 self tapping screws , Ø 4,6 x 12 mm 6 x 171-024 self tapping screws, Ø 4,6 x 16 mm Carbon spinnaker pole kits Art. no. Max. spinnaker pole length, mm 2 x 534-779 adaptors 8 x 534-802 spacer shims

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Tools for working with carbon fibre Includes Ø 4 mm HMPE rope and stainless steel ring. Warning: Always use breathing protection and eye protection when drilling or cutting carbon products. For max spinnaker pole length, mm Hacksaw blade Twaron protection Protects the pole from damage from the forestay, rail impact, etc. Two protectors, for end-for-end gybing Art. no. Photo: Fiona Brown. Quarter tonners.

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Spinnaker pole attachment Fixed U-shaped loop, Ø 30 mm To prevent catching the jib sheet when tacking, this stainless spinnaker pole attachment fitting has parallel sides. The risk of losing expensive seconds when rounding a mark is eliminated, very important for the racing sailor. From a safety point of view, sudden dangerous trips to the foredeck are avoided. Important for all sailors. Mast section An insulating nylon washer is included to prevent galvanic corrosion. Parallel sides. The jib sheet will not get caught when tacking. Spinnaker pole stowage An ideal way to stow the spinnaker...

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