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Sail entry, C-sections The sail entry gate is designed for use with our MDS cars or with conventional sail slides. When using it with MDS cars, you simply remove the sail entry gate when installing or removing the cars. When using it with conventional slides, use the springloaded mid section of the sail entry gate. Sail entry gate C156-C304, Sail entry gate easily removed to fit or remove Seldén MDS cars. Sail entry gate designed for use with Seldén MDS cars or conventional sail slides. For detailed information about our conventional sail slides, please see Sailmakers Guide, Bolt rope extrusion and sail entry Sails with bolt rope can be used in our C-sections. A new sail feeder is assembled approximately 700 mm above the boom bracket. The PVC bolt rope extrusion is fed into the standard luff groove. Mast section Bolt rope extrusion Art. No. and length 535-710 (6000 mm)

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The MDS full-batten concept for C-sections Full support in all directions As the name implies, Seldén’s MDS (Multi-Directional Support) cars are supported in all directions, making sail handling simpler. A full batten always creates a side load on the cars, particularly when you release the halyard for taking a reef. Each car has side-load absorbing wheels that run against the guiding flanges in the luff groove. The interaction between the mast section and the MDS car deals with longitudinal loads, as well as side loads. This is the essence of the MDS concept. Since the cars need no...

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Intermediate sail car, Art. No. 511-702-02 Incl. bushing for webbing, Art. No. 511-719 Intermediate sail car, Art. No. 511-701-02 Art. No. 511-717-02 (ALU) Incl. bushing for webbing, Art. No. 511-719

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