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Rodkicker - 1

Rodkicker rigid vang A Seldén Rodkicker facilitates sail handling when reefing, preventing the boom from dropping into the cockpit or onto the coach roof. When fitted with a Seldén gas spring, it lifts the boom when the kicking strap is released. Excellent for trimming the main in light air. The Seldén Rodkicker also oubles the purchase of your kicking strap. d End-fitting The rounded end-fitting, with enclosed sheave and recessed split pin, is desig ed to avoid n snagging sails or crew. Extrusion The inner extrusion end plug acts as an easy-slide bushing and prevents metal to metal contact. The upper sliding bearing also acts as an elastic buffer to dampen the shock if the kicker suddenly bottoms. Seldén Rodkicker makes it easier to trim and reef your mainsail. Easily installed, easily operated The extended block attachment lug allows the block to turn, enabling the tackle to be operated from either port or starboard. The Rodkicker is supplied with detailed instruc tions and is easily fitted. If a Rod icker is retroitted to an existing rig, the k f original kicking strap tackle can still be used. Seldén Rodkickers are made of anodised aluminium and are carefully tested to meet stringent quality and performance standards. Gas spring The Rodkicker can be supplied with an optional integral gas spring. This lifts the boom when the kicking strap is released, opening the leech of the sail. A Rodkicker with a gas spring replaces the topping lift, making reefing fast and simple. The gas spring is easily retrofitted to a Rodkicker that does not have a spring. For spare gas springs, see

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Rodkicker - 2

SELDEN MAST R ICKE DK RO SELDEN MAST Operation from cockpit. Operation from mast. Choosing the right size The choice is based mainly on the righting moment of the yacht, a measure of its ability to carry sail. This is approximately proportional to displacement. The second input is the rig type (mast ead or fractional). h The table below shows the correct type for monohulls. Gas springs are available in a range of strengths, to cover variations in boom weight (including the stowed sail) and the Rod icker angle. The angle varies with k gooseneck height and kicker length. If in doubt, ask your...

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Rodkicker - 3

conventional mast M aximum E* normal spring/hard spring/extra hard spring furling mast Maximum E* normal spring/hard spring/extra hard spring 1700 4.9/7.1/– (L) 7.1/– (S) 6.2/8.8 (S) 1800 (S) 7.4/– 6.3/9.0 (S) 1900 (L) 7.6/– 6.6/9.4 (L) 2000 (L) 6.7/9.6 S = Standard L = Long XBH: See page 65. Circ. = Circumference (lists extend beyond the Seldén boom range, to al

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Rodkicker - 4

Rodkicker brackets Rodkicker mast brackets, Mast Boom Rodkicker Rodkicker Bracket Fasteners section section brackets Type dimensions Art. No. Type 05, 10 och 20 30 Art. No. 508-233-12 Height: 242 mm Toggle (ST): Width: 15 mm backing plate) backing plate Ø 16,5 mm Hole: C264-C304 B200-B250 508-233-14 Toggel (ST): Width: 30 mm Hole: Ø 16,5 mm AL = Aluminium

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Rodkicker - 5

Rodkicker mast brackets, Fitting Mast section For pear shaped mast sections E-sections, D-sections and R-sections Kicker brackets (incl. fasterners) Art. No. Boom section Rodkicker Type Back angle: 10º Toggle Width: 20 Hole: Ø 10,5 + backing plate E-sections from E189 Toggle Width: 30 R-section 10 screws 155-802 + 9 x 155-622 + 6 x 162-032 + backing plate MRT 6 x 50 +MFT 6 x 40 + backing plate MRT 6 x 30 + MRT 6 x 25 + MFT 6

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Rodkicker - 6

Rodkicker boom brackets Description, mm Boom section Rodkicker Type Universal mast brackets Universal boom brackets Art. No. Dimen- Rod- Fasteners sions kicker mm Type Dimen- Rod- Fasteners sions kicker mm Type Please visit: for assembly instructions. included 10 pop rivets incl.

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