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Mast bases & Deck rings


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Mast bases & Deck rings - 1

Keel-stepped and deck-stepped masts, C-sections and F-sections The T-base and deck ring systems are made to fit both Seldén’s conventional mast sections and their matching furling sections. They are also made to create deck order among halyards. The blocks are fastened to the T-base or deck ring with a removable stainless steel shaft, which makes it easy to rearra­ ge the blocks. The deck ring n incorporates a state-of-the-art mast wedging system. Eyes for halyard stowage T-base for deck-stepped masts with integrated block fastenings. Just remove stainless steel shaft to fit up to eight blocks. A two-piece shaft is available for narrow deck layouts.

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Mast bases & Deck rings - 2

Keel-stepped masts, C-sections and F-sections The deck ring system for keel-stepped masts has a multipurpose design. The forward composite wedge with rubber chocking is removed while bringing the mast through the deck ring. When refitted and tightened it slides down/aft and secures the mast. The tie rod has four fixed settings, each with plenty of leeway for adjustment. The T-base for keel-stepped masts can be adjusted longitudinally (fore-and-aft) with the mast still in place. Just ease off the rigging and turn the adjusting screw of the T-base until the required prebend and rake are...

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Mast bases & Deck rings - 3

Deck ring with moulded mast coat. Tie rods with four fixed settings – plenty of leeway for adjustment. Mast coats (moulded), C-sections and F-sections Mast section Hose clips, Art. No. Upper Lower Replacement coats, Can be fitted with the mast stepped. Section Repl. coat Repl. coat Tie-rod Tie-rod fittings

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Mast bases & Deck rings - 4

Mast jack system A mast jack from Seldén ensures that you always retain the right rig tension for racing. It also lets you relieve the load on the rig and boat when you are in port. The mast jack system consists of a hydraulic cylinder located inside the mast. The cylinder piston moves down vertically through the heel of the mast to a steel plate in the boat’s T-base, thereby lifting the mast and increasing the tension. In order to make it easier to jack up the mast, the system includes a two-stage pump that switches to its lower gear as the pressure increases. When the mast reaches its...

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Mast bases & Deck rings - 5

Hose garage inside the mast Tie rod prevents the deck from lifting when using the mast jack Tie rod kit, includes conversion parts for standard deck ring Mast extrusion Technical specifications Mast extrusion Mast Mast jack cylinder fitted extr. on mast heel and 2-metre hose with quick coupling Alu(male) minium Accessories Hose garage, including pop rivets Mast extr. Locking bolts for shims (D65/300) Locking bolts for shims (D63/400) Pump with manometer Locking bolts for shims (D80/400) 1/4" hydraulic hose, 2 metres, with couplings Quick coupling (male) T-base with shims and U-bolts for...

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Mast bases & Deck rings - 6

Deck-stepped masts, C-sections and F-sections T-base Mast section Rail (stainless) for attaching block, (dim., mm) Block stand-up stainless spring T-base with integrated block attachment Block stand-up, stainless. Art. No. 308-017. T-base, including Separate halyard attachment + block axle for integrated axle blocks*, (dim., mm) 166- 272 Separate Locking screw Block 2-piece for stand-up block axle block axle rubber Cable hose Block stand-up, rubber. Art. No. small 319-512. Art. No. medium 319-669. Art. No. large 319-680.

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Mast bases & Deck rings - 7

Convex underside of heel plug – distri­ butes compression load evenly on the mast section. Small protrusion on top side of heel plug – acts as spacer for cable conduit. Allows cables to run freely. Cable hose prevents moisture from entering the cabin. T-base, Art. No. 510-136-01. Cables can be led through the cable hose and further down in the compression post. They may also exit straight through the heel plug for deck connections. Plugged T-base with built-in block fittings. Cables exit through mast heel for deck connections.

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Mast bases & Deck rings - 9

Mast heels for P-sections, E-sections, D-sections and R-sections Mast heel for hinging, Art. No. 502-113. Mast heel for T-base, Art. No. 502-048. Mast heel for T-base, Art. No. 502-110. Mast heel for U-base or T-base, Art. No. 502-089. Heel plugs Serie Mast section Keel-stepped mast heel Heel plug for deck-stepped for U-base for T-base H and keel-stepped Art. No. Art. No. masts, Art. No. T H = Height of heel, mm T = Height of T-base, mm

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Mast bases & Deck rings - 10

Deck-stepped heels, P-sections, E-sections, D-sections and R-sections The integrated sheaves for these traditional Seldén heels are easy to replace. H T H = Height of heel, mm T = Height of T-base, mm G1 = G2 = M = TL = S = SL = Deck-stepped heels, Genoa 1 halyard Genoa 2 halyard Main halyard Topping lift Spinnaker halyard Spinnaker lift Remarks Rail: Art. No. 508-161 Wire/rope splices in exits 2 and 5. Use max. 8 mm rope or shorten wire part 1.0 m. Wire/rope splices in exits 3 and 4, see remark above. Wire/rope splices in exits 2 and 3, see remark above.

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Mast bases & Deck rings - 11

Deck-stepped heels, Design/mast section Replacement sheaves for heels, Deck-stepped heels, Design/mast section Replacement sheaves for heels, Rail, large masts Mast section

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Mast bases & Deck rings - 12

Deck ring system for keel-stepped conventional masts, E-sections and D-sections Internal seal Lead block Mast coat When the mast is keel-stepped, it is important to secure the deck to the mast, especially when the halyards are led via turning blocks attached to the deck ring. Otherwise, the lifting force of the halyards could lift the deck. Seldén traditional deck ring incorporates a “tie-rod system” to eliminate this lifting action. Rubber wedges are used to fix the mast in the deck ring. Rails and halyard eyes are available as extras. Hose clip Support fitting (certain sections only)...

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Mast bases & Deck rings - 13

Wedgings, mast coats, clips Mast coat M ast Deck ring Wedging Art. No. Upper circum- Upper section size Art. No. ference, mm seal E 122 deck ring size

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Mast bases & Deck rings - 14

Deck ring system for keel-stepped furling masts, R-sections The deck ring system for keel-stepped furling masts has the same design as the conventional deck ring system. It incorporates the same features, including chocking system, internal sealing, and a tie-rod system to eliminate the lifting action of the halyards. Deck rings Mast Art. No. Art. No. Art. No. section No extra function incl. rail* Rail** (dim., mm) Art. No. Two tie-rod rigging screws incl. backing plates. * U-bolt (M8 x 53 mm) + nuts for halyard, Art. No. 508-023-02 1-4 can be fitted. ** Must not be used for...

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