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The information and specifications contained in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice.

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Furlex jib furling and reefing system Contents in alphabetical order Photo: Bernard Galeron. Dingo 2.

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No matter what your preferences are, racing or cruising, the rig system can make a great contribution to your sailing experience. It has to be figured out in detail to be the perfect link between the boat and the sails. Seldén has become the world’s largest manufacturer of mast and rigging systems partly by allowing pure sailing experience be the driving force in the product development. Our focus is on race winning sail handling by attention to detail. Materials, quality control during production and a worldwide service organisation have made Seldén an obvious choice for thousands of...

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Photo: Seldén. Ohlson 8:8 Photo: Billy Black. CW Hood 32 Right from the start Heeling test today. Materials change. Good methods don’t. Heeling test in 1971. The righting moment of the boat is measured at 30° heel. Seldén was founded in 1960 and has grown from a small company into the world leader, with manufacturing in Europe, the USA and Asia. Precise, meticulous approach has always been a characteristic of Seldén. Our manufacturing methods, tools and instruments have been developed to meet the demands of large-scale, cost-effective production, but our focus on quality and function...

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Photo: Richard Langdon/Ocean Images. Rustler 24 Give us the facts The key to a correct rig calculation is the quality of the input data at our disposal. This data consists of hard facts, plus what we can learn by listening very carefully when talking to the customer. The ”Seldén Rig Fact sheet” has proven to be a simple and effective way of gathering all the facts required to calculate the optimum mast, boom and standing rigging sizes. It is where you note the data on the type of rigging, the main dimensions of the sail plan, the location of the chain­­ plates and the righting moment of the...

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All our standard rigs are custom made Seldén offers a full range of masts and rig equipment in both aluminium and carbon including booms, spinnaker poles and bow sprits. In addition, there are Rodkicker rigid vangs, furling systems, rig fittings and deck hardware. All rigs are custom-made, through every calculation and detail, for each individual boat type. We know how much depends on the rig, and there is no room for compromise.

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MASTS Aluminium masts 10 Forestay attachment and halyard routing 18 Spreaders and spreader bracket 25 Attachment of lateral rigging 28

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Aluminium masts Tradition and development From the very beginning in the 1960’s, Seldén produced a comprehensive range of aluminium yacht masts. Since then, the range has developed and expanded. The seven new keelboat sections feature a wealth of sophisticated and functional solutions, originating from the dinghy range and the yacht range. The sections are extruded and anodized and they are all available with a tapered top. When tapering the mast section, a wedge shaped piece of the section is cut out and the section is squeezed together and welded. This process does not affect the strength...

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Photo: Billy Black. CW Hood 32.

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All Selden carbon masts use custom designed laminates to suit the particular application. The combination of meticulous care, long experience and exact specifications enable us to achieve optimum performance for minimum weight. The purpose is to make each individual boat go faster. The main characteristic of a carbon mast is the high longitudinal and lateral stiffness in relation to weight. The stiffness is customised to suit each individual boat and the crew can fine tune the prebend and the forestay tension to achieve a higher precision in the sail trim. The weight of a carbon mast is...

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The head box is manufactured from an extruded aluminium section and prepared for a variety of functions. An integrated groove in the top edge of the head box fitting helps in the installation of instrument brackets and backstay flicker, see page 16. To reduce the weight, the head box has four lightening holes. Clevis pin for back stay Dim., Art. no. mm

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Long head box with block attachment for masthead spinnaker. Mast section

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Mast section * cannot be combined with backstay flicker The backstay flicker lifts the backstay to avoid 508-303-01 508-334-01 damage to the leech of the sail when gybing Bracket for instruments and lights (0 65 mm). Bracket for Windex or VHF antenna

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This head box fitting is also manufactured from an extruded aluminium section. It is mounted with a 15° angle and features two sheaves forward for jib/genoa halyards and two aft sheaves for main halyard and topping lift. light, Instrument base Mast section Bracket for Windex or Bracket for Tricolour anchor light incl. screws, Aluminium Carbon Art. no. Art. no. Forestay toggles and back stay toggles Wire dia., mm Art. no. Clevis pin dia., mm

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Forestay attachments and halyard routing, fractional rig Backing plate for T-terminal The most common type of forestay attachments is a T-terminal in the top end of the wire and a backing plate in the mast. The backing plate is located inside the mast so the rig load is properly distributed on the mast section. The middle part of the fitting protrudes through the section forming the female part in the forestay attachment. The forestay has full articulation, which ensures correct alignment and provides a secure and low fatigue attachment. All boxes are made of a glass fibre reinforced...

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Forestay Backing Halyard box with wear guard for spinnaker halyard, plain bearing sheave. Art. no. Halyard box with Halyard wear guard for box for jib spinnaker halyard, halyard ball bearing sheave. Art. no. Backing plate Halyard box for spinnaker halyard, plain bearing sheave. Art. no. 505-061-03 Halyard box for spinnaker halyard, ball bearing sheave. Art. no. 505-061-10 Backing Upper Halyard Lower Halyard Lower Halyard Double plate box for spinnaker box for spinnaker box for spinnaker Halyard Art. no. halyard, plain halyard, plain halyard, ball lead bearing sheave....

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