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Hydraulic Cylinders - 2

OUTHAUL HALYARD TENSIONER BACKSTAY ADJUSTER MAST JACK Photo: Magnus Rassy Fast and convenient adjustment of the main trim functions is vital both for the racing sailor and for the cruising sailor. Just being able to tension the forestay and adjust the halyard tension and outhaul will make any boat point higher, sail faster and under better control. Seldén has developed a range of hydraulic cylinders that are easy to use and of a quality that ensures long service life. The rods are marine grade stainless steel and the cylinders black anodized or clear anodized aluminium. The tensioners have...

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Hydraulic Cylinders - 3

Manual hydraulics Manual hydraulics is exactly what it sounds like. The pumping is done by hand and oil flow in a closed system and makes the cylinders work. The closed system can be more or less extensive depending which functions you want to handle with the help of hydraulics. Here is a guide to help you find everything for your installation. Backstay adjuster, model HTI ”HTI” stands for ”Hydraulic Tensioner Integral” and means that the closed hydraulic system is completely integrated into the cylinder and the pump handle is on the product itself. For this tensioner, nothing more is...

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Follow these steps to find the correct parts 1. Do you want to be able to manage more than one function? In that case, you choose the panel that handles up to four functions. 2. Choose between a clear anodized (silver) or black panel. 3. Do you want one or two panels? One point of having two panels is to be able to maneuver the hydraulic functions from each side of the cockpit as opposed to moving down to lee beam just to adjust the trim. 4. Choose the right oil reservoir. Two sizes of reservoirs are available and which one you choose depends on the total volume of the cylinders. 5....

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Hydraulic Cylinders - 5

Low-pressure hoses, made to length To be used between the oil reservoir and the control panel. Add suitable coupling kit. Art. No. Hose size Ready-made hoses with couplings, 0/0° for backstay tensioner Low-pressure coupling kits Ready-made hoses with couplings, 0/45° for halyard tensioner Ready-made hoses with couplings, 0/90° for hydraulic vang 585-614-26 LOW PRESSURE COUPLINGS KIT mkII Pump station with electric pump 585-614-25 LOW PRESSURE COUPLINGS KIT mkII Single or 4-FUNKTION Pump station To be used between control panel and cylinder. Hose size ¼”, couplings 1/8”. Max working...

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Hydraulic Cylinders - 6

Mast-gland Through-mast connector for outhaul cylinder. Art. No. Dump-valve Pushing the button on the dump-valve releases the pressure instantly. Ideal supplement to a hydraulic vang. Art. No. Deck-glands Through-deck connectors for halyard tensioners, vang and backstay tensioners. Clear anodized. Art. No. Quick connection Protection, stainless Hydraulic vangs For Seldén control panels 508-193 508-207 Description Anodization Quick coupling Fitted to the 1/8” coupling on a high-pressure hose, this coupling makes for an easy and quick connection. Art. No. 585-631-01 Hose dimension backstay...

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Hydraulic Cylinders - 7

Hydraulic tensioners Hydraulic Tensioners Integral (HTI) Art. No. HTI-W8/10 Backstay tensioner with integral pump HTI-W12/14 Backstay tensioner with integral pump Piston rod thread, UNF (left hand) Dual Action • Maximum pump pressure adjustment. • Adjustment of pressure level for downshift from high to low speed. Upper terminals Pressure release valve. Rigging screw body and split pin Art. No. * When W8/10 is used on a Ø7 mm backstay with Ø13 mm hole dia, a conversion kit with bushings and a Ø12 mm clevis pin is required. Art. No. 306-558-04 Fork terminals, upper and lower Tensioner Piston...

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Hydraulic Cylinders - 8

T-base with shims and U bolts for attaching tie rod Guide rods Mast extrusion Hose garage inside the mast Tie-rod, prevents the deck from lifting when using the mast-jack Shims Heel Pump Tie rod kit, includes conversion parts for standard deck ring Mast extrusion Technical specification Mast-jack cylinder fitted on mast heel and 2 m hose with quick coupling (male) Mast extrusion Mast extrusion Hose garage, including pop rivets Carbon fibre Pump with manometer with quick coupling (female) Locking bolts for shims (D65/300) Locking bolts for shims (D63/400) Locking bolts for shims (D80/400)...

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Hydraulic Cylinders - 9

DINGHIESKEELBOATSYACHTS Seldén Mast AB, Sweden Tel +46 (0)31 69 69 00 e-mail The Seldén Group is the world’s leading manufacturer Seldén Mast Limited, UK Tel +44 (0)1329 50 40 00 e-mail for dinghies, keelboats and yachts. Seldén Mast Inc., USA Tel +1 843-760-6278 e-mail Our well known brands are Seldén and Furlex. Seldén Mast A/S, Denmark Tel +45 39 18 44 00 e-mail build a network of over 750 authorised dealers covering Seldén Mid Europe B.V., Netherlands Tel +31 (0)111-698 120 e-mail Seldén...

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