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Furlex Electric - 2

Furlex has been making life on board easier for decades. In fact, Furlex is the best-selling headsail furler in the world. Once you have experienced using a Furlex you will not want anything else up front. And now there is a new Furlex that will make life on board even easier. Lean back and enjoy Furlex Electric. All the power you need Furlex Electric is available as a complete kit or as an upgrade kit for an existing of the third generation (200S-400S) or the fourth generation (204S-404S). The push-button function of a Furlex Electric makes pulling on the furling line a thing of the past....

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Furlex Electric - 3

Electric furling mast in combination with Furlex electric. Flexible, convenient and safe. The motor uses only 10-25 amps at normal load and it takes 25-30 seconds to furl a genoa. When sailing with a partly reefed genoa, the worm drive provides a mechanical lock. In order to prevent accidental overloading, the system comes with a built-in current limiter adapted to the type of Furlex, 204E, 304E and 404E. If you attempt to furl the sail without first releasing the sheet, the torque is immediately limited to a safe level. This safety feature is automatically re-set a few seconds after the...

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Furlex Electric - 5

On-deck or through-deck. The choice is yours Furlex Electric is available for either ondeck or through-deck installations. The main advantage of a through-deck installation is better sailing performance as a result of a longer luff length. More space on the foredeck is an added bonus! Two speed function Press one button and you will run the sail, in or out, at low speed. To double the speed, press the other button simultaneously. On the technical side The 42V brushless motor connects to a gear box and a steel/bronze worm gear, transmitting the torque to the luff extrusion with a gear ratio...

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Furlex Electric - 6

Upgrade your manual Furlex Push-button performance is an easy upgrade for anyone who already has a manual Furlex 200S, 300S or 400S series (production year 1997-2015) or the current models 204S, 304S or 404S on their yacht. The furling line, drum and line guard assembly are simply replaced with a Furlex Electric motor unit. No sail conversion is required as the luff length of your existing sail is unaffected. Converting Furlex 200S-400S to Furlex Electric Converting Furlex 204S-404S to Furlex Electric Furlex Electric specifications Type

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Furlex Electric - 7

Furlex Electric assemblies (excl. control pack). Wire termination, three options Type Max. forestay length, mm Eversions Standard Sta-lok wire terminal, Rigging screw and Sta-lok wire terminal, Swaged terminal, (above deck) Swaged terminal, (Below deck) with Sta-lok, with rigging screw, Control pack Control pack includes: For Genoa: 532-815-60 For Cutter: 532-815-61 With buttons excluded: 532-815-62 For Genoa: 532-815-63 For Cutter: 532-815-64 With buttons excluded: 532-815-65 For Genoa: 532-815-66 For Cutter: 532-815-67 Buttons excluded: 532-815-68 Motor Control Unit, Push buttons, SEL-Bus...

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Furlex Electric - 8

Seldén Mast AB, Sweden Tel +46 (0)31 69 69 00 e-mail Seldén Mast Limited, UK Tel +44 (0)1329 50 40 00 e-mail The Seldén Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of mast and rigging systems in carbon and aluminium for dinghies, keelboats and yachts. Seldén Mast Inc., USA Tel +1 843-760-6278 e-mail Our well known brands are Seldén and Furlex. Seldén Mast A/S, Denmark Tel +45 39 18 44 00 e-mail build a network of over 750 authorised dealers covering Seldén Mid Europe B.V., Netherlands Tel +31 (0)111-698 120 e-mail...

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