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Uniform cross-section of extrusion from head to tack for better performance of a reefed sail FURLEX 50S jib furling system for boats 18-26 ft Single groove extrusion for 5 mm luff tape The Furlex 50S is the perfect choice for every sailor who wants a compact, low weight furling and reefing system. It shares many features with the larger members of the world-famous Furlex family. The patented load distri­ utor in the halyard swivel and the full length b distance tubes for smooth rotation are the same as on all the other Furlex models. Furlex 50S is supplied as a complete kit including forestay wire, halyard lead, stanchion block, pre-feeder and furling line. Easy to order and easy to install. Stainless steel reinforcement in moulding High quality, glass fibre/ polyamide composite Stainless steel insert for low friction line management Sta-lok ® wire terminal for easy installation Ball bearings and ball bearing rings in marine grade stainless steel Dyneema ® lashing Stainless steel reinforcement in moulding Fork/fork toggle for proper forestay articulation Patented load distributor for easy furling and long service life Stainless steel sail feeder for smooth hoisting of sail Composite sail feeder connector Halyard swivel in composite with stain­ess steel reinforcement. l Low weight (230 g). Low friction due to the load distributor

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Furlex 50S detailed information Forestay Max righting moment dia. (kNm) at 30° heel Approx. displacement, tonnes Masthead rig Fractional rig W2 D2 Halyard mm Clevis pin sheave box mm 0 Art. No. Forestay Max. Weight Furlex SELDEN and FURLEX are registered trademarks of Selden Mast AB Selden Mast AB, Sweden e-mail

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