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FURLEX 104S-404S


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FURLEX 104S-404S - 2

For carefree sailing The fourth generation of Furlex is an uncompromising evolution of the world’s best selling jib furling and reefing system. Proven design blended with innovation is our way to maintain the iconic heritage of Furlex. The Seldén load distributor prevents... The halyard swivel for Furlex 104S and 404S features stainless ball bearings. The load is centered by the attachment of the Dyneema® lashing. The sail feeder is marine grade stainless steel. It is well rounded and kind to the sail. The twin-groove luff extrusion and the split drum allow the racing sailor to convert the...

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FURLEX 104S-404S - 3

Full length distance tube Lower bearing plug The forestay wire is centred and insulated the full length of the extrusion enabling the extrusion to rotate evenly around the wire. The furling resistance is reduced and chafe between the wire and the extrusion is eliminated. NEW The luff extrusion consists of 2400 mm sections connected with an aluminium joining sleeve and a stainless steel connecting plate. The joining sleeve transmits the torque within the extrusions, and the connecting plates keep the sections together with a slight gap between them. This way chafe is avoided on both the...

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FURLEX 104S-404S - 4

Furlex Forestay Max.

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FURLEX 104S-404S - 5

In the basic kit of Furlex, stanchion blocks, pre feeder, halyard lead and Torx bits have been excluded. A stainless steel cover is available as an option. Art. No. 549-228-10 (204S), 549-328-10 (304S) and 549-428-10 (404S).

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FURLEX 104S-404S - 6

19-strand wire Furlex Forestay Rod dia. dia. mm mm Max righting moment (kNm) at 30° heel Approx. displacement, tonnes Furlex Internal diameter of luff Width of luff groove

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FURLEX 104S-404S - 8

Seldén Mast AB, Sweden Tel +46 (0)31 69 69 00 Fax +46 (0)31 29 71 37 e-mail Seldén Mast Limited, UK Tel +44 (0)1329 50 40 00 Fax +44 (0)1329 50 40 49 e-mail Seldén Mast Inc., USA Tel +1 843-760-6278 Fax +1 843-760-1220 e-mail Seldén Mast A/S, Denmark Tel +45 39 18 44 00 Fax +45 39 27 17 00 e-mail Seldén Mid Europe B.V., Netherlands Tel +31 (0)111-698 120 Fax +31 (0)111-698 130 e-mail Seldén Mast SAS, France Tel +33 (0)251 362 110 Fax +33 (0)251 362 185 e-mail The Seldén Group...

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