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Electric cruise control New mast or retro-fit Is your deck layout giving you a hard time leading a furling line back to the cockpit? Are you fed up with operating your furling mast with a winch handle at the mast? Upgrade with electric drive and stay in the safety of the cockpit. Seldén electric furling is available as a retro fit kit for manual furling masts or custom built for new Seldén furling masts. Top swivel Halyard swivel Luff extrusion Starboard side Emergency handle socket • Completely built-in. • Operated from the safety of the cockpit. Access to sail feed and halyard swivel • Planetary gear with permanently set brake. Released only when the motor is running. • Drive release for emergency furling. Access to tack hook and tensioning screw • Control box with factory-set rotation speed and maximum torque. Current cuts out at maximum torque and is automatically reconnected after two seconds. Prevents overloading. Outhaul Release lever Emergency gear Outhaul car Cover • Asymmetric and tensioned luff extrusion in combination with stainless steel ball bearings with load distributor makes for low furling resistance. Motor unit Outhaul Motor cables • Wide sail slot allows for vertical battens and positive roach. • Retro-fits to manually operated furling mast. Technical information Mast Model Emax Speed Max running section Type Voltage mm rpm torque, Nm F228 Required cable, mm2 (between battery and control box) < 8 m 12V / 24V > 8 m 12V / 24V 25 / –

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Complete upgrading kit. Retro-fits to your manually operated furling mast. Emergency handle (1/2" socket), Length: 100 mm, Art. No. 533-922 (incl. in retro-fit kit). Length: 325 mm, Art. No. 533-923 (used when a winch is in conflict with the handle). Tack assembly Junction box, Art. No. 532-300-02. Switches: Green (out), Art. No. 540-459-02, Red (in), Art. No. 540-460-02, Stainless panel (dim 100 x 56 x 3 mm), Art. No. 540-462-01 is optional. Cover assembly Gear housing Electric motor unit Emergency handle Retro-fit installation kits Mast section (max boom section) Cables for installation...

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