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Downwind Furlers


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Downwind Furlers - 1

Furling systems for Code 0 and asymmetric spinnakers

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Downwind Furlers - 2

Want to see your crew smile? The power and acceleration achieved when unfurling a Code 0 or an asymmetric spinnaker is spectacular. It will make your sailing more fun. Simply hoist the furled sail, release the furling line, pull on the sheet and you have added horse power to your sailing and given your crew a positive sailing experience. To douse the sail, ease the sheet, pull the continuous furling line and secure it in the purpose made Twin Cam block. Once the sail is furled it can be neatly dropped and coiled into a bag or left hoisted for later use. Seldén provide all necessary...

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Downwind Furlers - 3

Asymmetric spinnaker Mid girth >75% of foot length This sail is often called “gennaker” or “cruising chute”. The mid girth is >75% of the foot length and the sail is defined as a spinnaker in most international measurement rules. The luff is at least 2% longer than the leech and this is what makes the sail asymmetric. This sail is furled with a Seldén GX system and fitted at the tack to the swivelling tack atachment and at the head to the halyard swivel. An AT-cable connects the drum and the halyard swivel and transmits the rotation of the drum enabling the furling to start at the top and...

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Downwind Furlers - 4

The furlers CX and Seldén GX are operated with an endless furling line running over a line driver drum. The furling line is preferably led all the way back to the cockpit and Seldén offer the Double Fairlead and the Twin-Cam block for a well organized set up. A purpose made AT-Cable has been developed to secure the function of the system and as the performance of top-down furling is dependant on the torsional rigidity of the AT-cable, it is included in the Seldén GX furlers. 1. Metal ”teeth” in the drum make for a good grip on the line when furling the sail. 2. A wedge in the line guide...

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Downwind Furlers - 6

Seldén GX for top-down furling of an asymmetric spinnaker/gennaker Seldén GX drum and halyard swivel and an AT-cable is included in the kit. The drum and the halyard swivel are permanently fitted to the sail with the Seldén line lock. Connect the drum to the bow and the spinnaker halyard to the halyard swivel. Lead the furling line to the cockpit by using Seldén Double Fairleads on the stanchions, tighten the furling line and secure it in the Twin-Cam block. Thereafter hoist the furled sail. Seldén GX Kit including GX drum, halyard swivel and AT-Cable Art. No. Dimension of included...

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Downwind Furlers - 7

Seldén CX for top-down furling of an asymmetric spinnaker/gennaker A Seldén CX drum is combined with a Free Tack Adapter and a GX halyard swivel, both of them with Seldén line lock. The furled sail with the Adapter is connected to the drum and the sail is hoisted with the spinnaker halyard. The drum and the furling line can be permanently mounted to the bow and along the stanchions. Kit including Free Tack Adapter & GX halyard swivel Art. No. This combination equals… Max suggested sail area, m2 Seldén CX for Code 0 & top-down furling of an asymmetric spinnaker/gennaker This is an all-in-one...

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Downwind Furlers - 8

Unique and patented line lock system Seldén AT-Cables (Anti-Torsion) The more torsional rigid AT-cable, the quicker and safer the sail will furl. Seldén provide the most rigid cable on the market, three times more rigid than the second best, and it is included in the Seldén GX kit. Art. No. Line terminal with a conical shape. Set of wedges. Pull the terminal over the line and fold the core of the line over the wedges. Insert the wedges to the terminal. Endless furling line Art. No. Line only Art. No. Line with Twin cam block installed Double Fairlead Ordinary blocks cannot be used to lead...

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Downwind Furlers - 9

Code 0 halyard with 2:1 purchase Halyard lead or halyard box To boost the performance when using a Code 0, the halyard load must be higher than what normal halyard boxes and stoppers can handle. Therefore, a 2:1 purchase needs to be arranged by fixing the dead end of the halyard in the mast and letting it run through a block attached to the halyard swivel. Position on the mast must be specified by Seldén. In most cases Code 0 sails need to be hoisted lower than gennakers and spinnakers. Safe working load, kg Mast section Cable clamps To fit thimbles to the Seldén AT-cable. Heat shrink...

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Downwind Furlers - 10

Adjustable Tack Swivel (ATS) This accessory for Seldén GX furlers enables the sailor to easily trim the luff of the gennaker. The Adjustable Tack Swivel slides up and down over the AT-cable and is handled from the cockpit with a down haul. As opposed to trimming the luff by slacking the halyard, the AT-cable can now be permanently tensioned and always ready for furling. Art. No. The sliding sleeve of ATS consists of two halves and therefore it is easy to retrofit the swivel on an AT-cable. Low friction shackle This snap shackel has a big, well rounded loop allowing the rope to slide with...

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Downwind Furlers - 11

CX Code 0 furler on a permanent carbon bowsprit. The low friction shackle (optional) underneath the drum is connected to the tack-line. 2:1 purchase enables the bowman to pull the drum out on the bowsprit while remaining on the foredeck. It also makes for a high luff load A Seldén CX15 Code 0 furler and a Race80 Bowsprit from Båtsystem, Sweden. The luff load on a Code 0 is more than the double compared to an asymmetric spinnaker. Therefore, a sturdy bowsprit is required.

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Downwind Furlers - 12

DINGHIESKEELBOATSYACHTS Seldén Mast AB, Sweden Tel +46 (0)31 69 69 00 e-mail The Seldén Group is the world’s leading manufacturer Seldén Mast Limited, UK Tel +44 (0)1329 50 40 00 e-mail for dinghies, keelboats and yachts. Seldén Mast Inc., USA Tel +1 843-760-6278 e-mail Our well known brands are Seldén and Furlex. Seldén Mast A/S, Denmark Tel +45 39 18 44 00 e-mail build a network of over 750 authorised dealers covering Seldén Mid Europe B.V., Netherlands Tel +31 (0)111-698 120 e-mail of mast...

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