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Making the best yacht rig systems in the world is only part of our business, with numerous Olympic World, European and National Championship medals. No matter the size of your boat, whether you push your equipment to the very limit, or just enjoy leisurely cruising, go Seldén and you’ll benefit from reliable topclass gear. The information and specifications contained in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice. Photographs used in this catalogue are courtesy of RS Racing, Laser Performance, Topper International, Hartley Boats, Winder Boats, Ovington Boats and Gul.

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Spinnaker poles Class reference guide

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Seldén dinghy rigs were sold under the name of Proctor until 2004, a brand that has won more World Championships in the last 30 years than any other brand of spar. Seldén dinghy rigs – going for gold Working hand-in-hand with the world’s top dinghy sailors, carefully analysing their input and feedback, enables us to produce the ultimate Seldén dinghy rig for every boat. Ever since Seldén acquired Proctor in 1997, we have improved and developed the already acknowledged excellence of the Proctor products, so that they are now, like all other Seldén products, the best of the best. Our...

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MASTS Aluminium masts 7 Top tapering, step by step 8 Halyard lock fittings 15 Lower shroud attachment 19 Selden spreader systems, brackets and end fittings 20 Mast feet and heel 28 Our philosophy is to strive for excellence. Techniques such as auto-welded tapering, bead peening of every mast, machine routering and assembly with many automated processes for component attachment, give Selden dinghy spars the edge in quality, performance and consistency. Whether it’s a production one design spar or an ultimate Gold medal winning rig you require, the mast in front is a Selden.

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Aluminium masts All Selden dinghy mast sections have been designed to give the best stiffness to weight ratio available in an alloy extrusion. Material, section shape and size, and wall thickness all have a major effect on both the static and dynamic bend characteristics of a tube. These details are studied in the design of every section and are carefully checked on every piece of spar tube we use. Selecting the correct section to suit your class and your specific crew weight and sail cut is vital. Please don’t hesitate to refer to your class data sheet on for further...

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Top tapering, step by step Seldén has invested in the most advanced manufacturing methods for tapering aluminium spars. Starting with the highest grade 6082 aluminium alloy extrusion, our automated four-step process ensures not only the best performing mast, but also an unparalleled level of consistency in every tube. 1. Plasma-cut taper Our investment in CNC controlled technology has allowed us to produce the most consistent tapered masts available. The plasma cutting process ensures a smooth edged perpendicular cut that is 100% accurate time after time, reducing the inconsistencies that...

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3. Heat treating and bead peening All masts are heat treated in our purpose-designed oven. This hardening process ensures that you get maximum performance from the tapered section. 4. The finished, anodised product Tapered, anodised, and ready to be assembled using Seldén’s custom-designed fittings. Ready to win! Our purpose-designed bead peening machine provides a uniform cleaning process and does away with hand cleaning or grinding, further guaranteeing consistency from mast to mast. This process also improves the fatigueresisting properties of the mast, providing longevity and giving the...

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Carbon masts The investment in a sophisticated carbon filament winding machine and autoclave at our UK plant has enabled us to produce a new generation of carbon spars. The following steps ensure that Seldén can manufactures the best performing, and most consistent spars on the market. In-house specialist design team Seldén has the design expertise and software to enable us to create a mast to meet exacting performance require­­ ments. During the design process the position and alignment of each fibre is precisely calculated so as to meet the required bend characteristics. This detailed...

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Use of pre-preg carbon Only the highest grade pre-preg tows of T700 or TZ carbon fibre are used to give sailors the best stiffness-to-weight spar. This, in combination with our filament winding process, enables the highest fibre-to-resin content pre-preg to be used. The aerospace grade pre-preg has a UV stabiliser in the resin system to give the spars a guaranteed long life, even in the sunniest of climates. More fibres and less resin, mean lighter, stiffer masts. Autoclave cured The consolidation of the material to form a ready-to-assemble carbon tube is completed in our in-house 20-metre...

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Unique features Profiled teardrop section Series III and Series IV Seldén carbon spars have tear­ rop shapes d instead of the round tubes commonly available on the dinghy market. The teardrop profile gives the spar the required stiffness ratios fore and aft to counteract upwind kicker loads. The aerofoil shape of the profiled section also gives improved air adhesion compared to round tubes. So the spar directly increases lift and reduces drag, allowing a cleaner air entry onto the luff of the mainsail. Upper section Sleeve lead-in Joining sleeve Custom-designed PVC track Seldén carbon masts...

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Selden has developed head fittings for both tapered and untapered masts. Both provide unparalleled functionality with many mainsail halyard lead options. Tapered masthead fitting The Selden tapered masthead fitting offers standard, 2:1 and sealed head main halyard lead options. It is a superlightweight casting, with low windage insets for the clevis pin. The fitting is also used with an adaptor on the head of Series 3 and 4 carbon masts. The three pin locations in the masthead casting allow you to select the most appropriate main halyard configuration for your boat: Untapered masthead...

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