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Dinghy carbon masts


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Dinghy carbon masts - 1

Use of pre-preg carbon Only the highest grade pre-preg tows of T700 or TZ carbon fibre are used to give sailors the best stiffnessto-weight spar. This, in combination with our filament winding process, enables the highest fibre-to-resin content pre-preg to be used. Autoclave cured The consolidation of the material to form a ready-toassemble carbon tube is completed in our in-house 20-metre long autoclave. The combination of heat and pressure to cure the resin and consolidate the pre-preg material ensures a strong and consistent final product. The aerospace grade pre-preg has a UV stabiliser in the resin system to give the spars a guaranteed long life, even in the sunniest of climates. More fibres and less resin, mean lighter, stiffer masts. Carbon Mast section Contender, Merlin Rocket, National 12, Phantom 59er, Contender, FD, Int. Canoe, International 14, Merlin Rocket, Musto Skiff, Phantom Artemis 20, Backman 18, 18ft Skiff, Skud

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