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product catalogues We hope this Seldén Deck hardware product catalogue will be helpful for you finding all the deck hardware you need for enjoyable sail handling. This is just one of five product catalogues covering our extensive range of Yacht, Keelboat, Dinghy, Carbon and Deck Hardware products. If you need any of the other catalogues you are welcome to pick them up from your local dealer or to download from Rig systems and accessories for 25 to 80 feet boats. Rig systems and accessories for 18 to 26 feet boats. Rig systems and accessories for dinghies. KEEL BOAT YACHT...

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ALWAYS ON THE RIGHT TRACK Making the best rig systems in the world is more than a job at Seldén. It’s a passion. Every Seldén rig is designed and carefully dimensioned for the particular boat. In our search for perfection, no detail is considered too small. Setting our own deck hardware standards is a natural step in this systematic approach to achieving the best possible product for the given task. No matter the size of your boat, whether you push your equipment to the very limit, or just enjoy leisurely cruising; when you go Seldén, you’ll go first class, all the way. Photo credit: Peter...

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STAlNLtSi JTC^L- STRAP- "Fot VtTteW STT*rJfiflM Sailing is a total experience. With superb sail handling the good experience easily turns into passion. There are many factors like wind, waves and currents a sailor can't change. But you can do something about them. That's why rig equipment should always be chosen with the outmost care, in order to get the most out of it and get the right feel for wind and tuning. The better the precision of your equipment, the better the feel. Sails, mast, standing and running rigging work together as one single pobiiftL* Tb UJtE . WITHOUT *wy reoiA. Jujf...

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choose the right product Breaking loads and safe working loads Low loads and high loads Breaking loads Our definition of a breaking load is that load which causes any part of a product to break when it is subjected to successively increasing loads during laboratory testing. Safe working loads Our definition of safe working load is set at half the breaking load. We guarantee that products subjected to loads that are below or up to this limit will function satisfactorily. 6:1 purchase with triple blocks. 4:1 purchase with fiddle blocks. Static loads and dynamic loads The breaking load and...

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SELDÉN DESIGNATIONS All Seldéns deck hardware products have been given descriptive names. See below for the blocks designations. Dynamic load High load Static load All Seldén blocks are of the same superb quality and are the best for their particular application. In order to make it easy to select the right block for your application, we have categorised them to suit four types of loads: low loads, high loads, static loads and dynamic loads. Seldén blocks are designated in accordance with two main features of the block. The first part of the designation specifies the type of bearing system...

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Plain bearing blocks, page 16 SELDÉN DECK HARD WARE Roller bearing blocks, page 30 The Seldén deck hardware range is carefully desig­ ed, developed and n manufactured under the strict quality hallmark of Seldén. All Seldén deck hardware is supplied with a 2-year warranty. CLEATS & SWIVELS control and attention to detail that is the Valley cleats, page 86 Deck swivel, page 89

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Ball bearing High load ball bearing blocks, Ratchet blocks, High load plain bearing blocks, System 15, Tracks, System 22, System 30, System 42, page 54 page 56 page 60 page 62 page 66 System 30 Performance, Self tacking system, ^fc^^ ^jgi^ ^^^r Unsupported O Accessories, ^ Hole patterns,

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Winner of DAME Awards 2010 Winner of Freeman K Pittman Racing gear category.

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REVERSING IS A BIG STEP FORWARD Unique and patented reverse function operated with a push of your thumb. Triangular handle for ergonomic grip. Lock-in switch Stainless drum. No chafe on the line.

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The Seldén winches are manually operated and of self-tailing type with two gears forward. You start winching clock wise on the fast gear, shift down to low gear by rotating the winch handle anti clock wise. So far, exactly as we are all used to. The ingenious feature with the new Seldén winches is that you can let the line out by reversing the winch drum. The purpose made winch handle has a button which is pushed down with your thumb to prepare the winch for reverse drive. The winch handle is rotated clock wise and the line is eased out. The line remains in the selftailing jaws all the time...

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BLOCKS MADE FOR PERFECT INTERACTION Plain bearing blocks Roller bearing blocks Ball bearing blocks Seldén blocks give you the benefits of a high strength to weight ratio. We only use top quality materials like glass fibre reinforced composite and marine grade stainless steel. Each com­ onent is designed for top performance and perfect p High load ball bearing blocks interaction with the rig under all conditions. The Seldén block range consists of plain bearing blocks, roller bearing blocks, ball bearing blocks, high load ball bearing blocks, high load plain bearing blocks and ratchet...

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SELDÉN plain bearing blockS TECHNICAL FEATURES • tainless steel strap for strength and long S service life. • tiff glass fibre reinforced cheeks to prevent lines S from wedging. • Glass fibre reinforced composite. • nnovative design with “tool-free” sliding swivel I locking mechanism. In order to cope with high loads, the PBB 70/80 is also equipped with: • Glass fibre reinforced sheave with Teflon® bushing. • Bronze top swivel bushings (PBB 80). APPLICATIONS Plain bearing blocks are typically used for heavy and static loads in: • Halyard tuning • Mainsheet systems • Boom vang Dynamic load...

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