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Performance Composite Kayaks and Canoes Strength. Speed. Spirit.

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SEDA Kayaks & Canoes Thank you for considering our fleet of performance composite kayaks and canoes. All SEDA boats display three key characteristics that set them apart on the water. Strength: Our robust build process delivers the strongest boat for your dollar. With triple-layered fiberglass seams or multiple Kevlar® reinforcements, SEDA boats withstand the punishment of rough seas and coastlines. Join the countless paddlers who have proudly owned a SEDA kayak or canoe for over 20 years! Speed: SEDA designs prioritize speed without sacrificing stability. Our long waterlines, low decks,...

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Touring Kayaks Atajo NEW! Custom carbon/carbon build Length: 15’ (4.6m) FG: 43lbs (19.5Kg) Beam: 22” (56cm) HYB: 40lbs (18Kg) Cockpit: 33x16” (84x41cm) KEV: 37lbs (16.8Kg) Capacity: 300lbs (136Kg) CRB: 35lbs (15.9Kg) Lightweight, quick, and nimble go hand-inhand with SEDA’s new Atajo. Flush hatches and recessed fittings accent this basic/ intermediate touring model which is outfitted with plenty of deck bungees and lifelines. Designed with smaller paddlers in mind, the Atajo responds quickly to lean turns and braces. The Atajo’s hull delivers comfortable control while its narrow width...

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Recreational Kayaks Vida UPDATED! Length: 14’ (4.3m) FG: 45lbs (20.4Kg) Beam: 25” (64cm) HYB: 41lbs (18.6Kg) Cockpit: 33x16” (84x41cm) KEV: 36lbs (16.3Kg) Capacity: 280lbs (127Kg) Updated with flush decks and a new forward compartment, our Vida is the perfect lightweight recreational kayak for quick weekend trips. The Vida exhibits a roomy cockpit in addition to forward and stern watertight compartments. Tracking is a breeze with the retractable skeg and its shallow V-hull delivers a broad initial stability that behaves gracefully in chop and swells. Getting away has never been easier with...

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Swift Adventure/Race Kayaks Cockpit: 33x16” (84x41cm) KEV: 39lbs (17.7Kg) Capacity: 400lbs (181Kg) CRB: 37lbs (16.8Kg) Impulse Length: 17’ (5.2m) Beam: 24” (61cm) FG: 46lbs (21Kg) HYB: 42lbs (19Kg) Day-Hatch: +2lbs (0.9Kg) Beam: 21” (53cm) HYB: 44lbs (20Kg) Cockpit: 33x16” (84x41cm) KEV: 40lbs (19Kg) Capacity: 475lbs (215Kg) CRB: 38lbs (17.2Kg) Glider Length: 18’ (5.5m) FG: 48lbs (21.8Kg) Custom carbon/carbon build raced by Jon Brindle of San Diego Relaxing after a paddle at Lake Mead. Cockpit: 33x16” (84x41cm) KEV: 41lbs (18.6Kg) Capacity: 450lbs (204Kg) CRB: 39lbs (17.7Kg) Our narrowest...

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Scamp Canoes The Scamp is a compact day canoe that will deliver years of fun exploring lakes and rivers. Its wide beam ensures stability for a lazy afternoon of picnicking or sightseeing. A popular choice for day trips, the Scamp provides ample room for a couple yet is maneuverable enough to be paddled by one person during those solo fishing excursions. The Scamp’s light weight makes loading and launching a breeze. Shown here with optional webbed seats. Keep essentials securely stowed with our convenient storage hatch in both the bow and stern compartments. Standard with each SEDA canoe....

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Custom Options Seda can help you paddle away from the crowded world of plastic boats that all look and perform the same Gelcoat Options Trim Options When choosing your kayak or canoe, you can select from our array of standard gelcoat colors for your deck. Want a color you don’t see here? Give us a call and we can get it for you. Mix and match colors! Come up with a custom touch and select a different color for your kayak trim (seam and cockpit). Our kayaks come standard with black trim or you can choose from our list of gelcoat colors for a look that is all your own. Standard Deck Colors...

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Performance Composite Kayaks and Canoes SEDA Products > Your Paddling Partner Since 1969 Dealer Information: SEDA Main Office 2244 Main St. Suite 7 • Chula Vista, CA 91911 Front and back covers: Courtesy of Bernardo Rodrigues All specifications described within are subject to change without notice. • 800.322.SEDA or 619.336.2444 • FAX 619.424.8842

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