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SEASCREEN Roller - 1

seaSCREEN Roller Integrated fixing covers 0% light transmission fabric for improved blackout and temperature control Magnetic closure with ergonomic handle design for easy operation and stowage Unique dampened assembly system ensures smooth operation and ‘rattlefree’ hardware when under way Flyscreen protection from bugs Discreet low profile frame Surface-mounted roller blind and flyscreen to fit any size marine hatch • Elegant roller blind and flyscreen combined • nboard privacy and comfort O • Cabin light and temperature control • educe UV damage R • Reduce glare • Insect control • Easy installation • Low profile design with small footprint Cabin temperature The PVC coated glass fibre weave of the Seaview flyscreen fabric allows air to flow around the cabin, while preventing minute insects access, as well as offering a long-lasting UV stable solution. By controlling light transmission and reflecting heat, hatch screens help control cabin temperature Screen closed Screen open

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SEASCREEN Roller - 2

seaRoller SCREEN Surface Discreet low profile design with small frame footprint For a near seamless finish between hatch and SEASCREEN, an additional liner simply clicks into the SEASCREEN frame and slots behind the hatch flange. Available with a corner radius of R42mm and with score lines spaced at 10mm intervals, the user-friendly liner is easily trimmed to any height from a maximum of 120mm. Stowed handle to frame outer: 59mm Frame width: 39mm Maximum liner height: 113mm Frame depth: 27mm SEASCREEN Roller Available in the following standard sizes: Minimum and maximum dimensions: Hardware...

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