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Marine products Seago Yachting Ltd - Mullany business Park - Golden Cross - East Sussex - BN27 3RP

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Marine safety products Liferafts Lifejackets Lifejacket accessories Inflatable boats General accessories

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Liferafts Offshore The Offshore liferaft has 2 Butyl rubber tubes which give excellent strength and durability. The canopy is made from a rip-stop nylon making it 100% waterproof unlike rafts that have a polyester canopy which suffer from stress cracks when folded for long periods. The Seago Offshore liferaft has an automatic light, thermo insulated floor, weighted boarding ladder, reflective tape, four 30 Litre water ballast pockets and a rain water collection system, the liferaft is also equipped with an RORC safety pack (see list for details). Valise Container PBO Magazine 2007 BEST on...

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Liferafts ISO 9650-1 Designed for extended offshore cruising and racing, built and tested to the new comprehensive and technical ISO standard. The New ISO standard for liferafts dictate the type of materials allowed for construction and the performance requirements that have to be met covering inflation, launching, material resistance, buoyancy and interior space. The Seago ISO 9650-1 liferaft has a large opening with a boarding ramp at the front of the raft with a webbing ladder inside the liferaft to allow a person wearing foul weather clothing and an inflated lifejacket to board the raft...

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Lifejackets Seago Yachting Ltd. has been developing their lifejacket range ever since the companies birth. This year will see the new range of 180N and 275N lifejackets in three styles and names to make it easier to recognise individual models. 180 Classic The brand new ‘180 Classic’ range of lifejackets incorporates the latest in lifejacket technology and gives even greater buoyancy than before. The 180N keeps you floating higher in the water helping to protect your airways from waves and spray. In addition the increased buoyancy will give a faster turnover from face down to floating on...

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Lifejackets 180 Olympic plus The new ‘180 OLYMPIC PLUS’ Seago’s new superior 180 Newton lifejacket comes complete with automatic light, detachable fleece collar, spray hood and fitted crutch strap making this the safest 180 Newton lifejacket in the Seago range. • 180 Newtons of buoyancy • Brand new crutch strap buckles with more strength • UM Pro Sensor firing mechanism • Viewing window to monitor mechanism state • 38g Cylinder • Reflective tape on lung • Lifting becket • Whistle • Fleece collar • Automatic light • Spray hood • Mesh back 180 OLYMPIC PLUS is available in: Auto with harness...

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Lifejackets 275 For those who sail in offshore conditions extra safety is always welcomed. Seago has a standard ‘275’ lifejacket offering 275 Newtons of buoyancy to cope with the worst conditions. • • • • • • • • • 275 Newtons of buoyancy Brand new crutch strap buckles with more strength UM firing mechanism 60g Cylinder Reflective tape on lung Lifting becket Whistle Fleece collar Heavy duty ‘D’ ring 275 is available in: Auto with harness Colours: Navy Approved Lifejackets ‘275N BUOYANCY’ 5

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Lifejackets 275 Pacific The flagship lifejacket in the Seago range to date is the ‘275 PACIFIC’ which has the comfort of 275 Newtons of buoyancy along with the security of a spray hood, fleece collar, crutch strap and automatic light all backed up by the all new ‘UM PRO SENSOR’ firing mechanism. The ‘UM PRO SENSOR’ indicates the status of the lifejacket so you know the minute you pick it up if the lifejacket is fully functioning. (always check your cylinder is properly screwed in no matter what model lifejacket you use). • 275 Newtons of buoyancy • Brand new crutch strap buckles with more...

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Lifejackets Junior Seago Junior Lifejackets are water activated fully automatic with Harness and have an integral crutch strap sewn into the harness belt. Junior lifejackets have 100N of buoyancy and are suitable for persons between the weight range of 20Kg - 40Kg. The range comprises of: Automatic Inflation with Harness Approved Available Colours: Red with Navy ‘20-40Kg WEIGHT RANGE’ Rearming kits Seago rearming Kits are the genuine spares for the Seago Lifejackets and ensure maximum security. Seago rearming kits must be used to validate the Seago warranty. Lifejackets 60g Automatic Use...

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Accessories The Seago safety hook is a stainless steel hook with a bright yellow plastic cover around it. The mechanism is spring loaded with a sprung locking catch for rapid use, the hook is a tried and tested design for the ultimate in safety and speed of use. All Seago safety lines are CE approved to EN 1095 1 2 Safety lines There are three designs of safety line all using the Seago safety hook:1) The ‘standard’ double hook safety line with 1.8m of jackstay webbing 3 2) 3) The ‘elastic’ double hook safety line has an elasticated line that stretches to 1m allowing free movement around the...

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Inflatable boats New for the 2010 season Seago has introduced an ECO boat range which offers a lighter weight fabric making these boats easier to handle when packed. The ECO-230 & ECO-260 both offer nearly all same features with the main difference being the size. ECO-230 Max Capacity: 2 person Max Weight: 284Kg Max Engine: 4HP Packed dims: 105 x 50 x 30cm Packed weight: 23kg ECO-260 Max Capacity: 3 person Max Weight: 393Kg Max Engine: 7HP Packed dims: 110 x 56 x 30cm Packed weight: 27kg Features:Clip on seat with metal brackets Wooden floorboards Stainless steel towing eyes 2 Chambers...

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Inflatable boats The new T230 Round Tail inflatable tender with inflatable floor is made with tough and durable 1100 Decitex PVC. This round tail tender offers very easy storage as it can be packed away smaller than most standard style tenders. Complete with outboard bracket. T230RT Features:• • • • • • Clip on seat with metal brackets Inflatable Floor Stainless steel towing eyes 2 Chambers Carry bag Aluminium oars Max Capacity: 2+1 person Max Weight: 255Kg Max Engine: 3HP Packed dims: 100 x 50 x 28cm Packed weight: 22Kg ‘TOUGH & DURABLE’ Inflatable Boats Information line 01825 873 567 or...

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