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SUPs, Boats, Canoes & Kayaks Look Inside To See Our Many New & Great Inflatable Boats • NEW FishSkiff™ FSK16 • NEW Explorer Angler 350fx • And Much, Much MORE Quality Inflatable Boats Since 1968 Order Online at or Call 1-800-748-8066 M-F, 9-

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Sea Eagle 2018 Catalog - 2

19 North Columbia St., Suite 1, Port Jefferson, NY 11777 Phone (800) 748-8066 Fax (631) 473-7398 Email: Dear Sea Eagle Friend, There's a Sea Eagle for Every Waterway! Ultralight PackFish™ PF7 page 28 2018 is a special year for us. This is our 50th year in the inflatable boat industry. That in itself would be an incredible achievement in this age of constant change, but we think the way our range of inflatable boats have evolved and the many innovations we have made in the last 50 years is even more remarkable! The Best Inflatable Boats of their Kind! - Model for model, we...

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Sea Eagle 2018 Catalog - 3

Sea Eagle® FishSkiff™ 16 The World's Only Rollup, Roll Out Fishing Skiff! The NEW Sea Eagle FishSkiff™ 16 is unique in so many ways. The advantages of this craft are almost unlimited: 1. It is the lightest weight 16' fishing boat ever. 2. It literally rolls up when deflated and fits easily in any car trunk, SUV or flat bed truck. 3. It is made with incredibly durable double layer drop stitch technology that can be inflated to 15 psi and provides tremendous toughness and rock solid rigidity Paddle le SUP ackages b Adjustawith all p comes 4. It takes an electric or gas motor up to 6 hp so it...

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Sea Eagle 2018 Catalog - 4

Explorer Fishing Kayak 350fx Our Toughest, Most Stable, Most Versatile Inflatable Fishing Kayak Ever! The Sea Eagle Explorer 350fx is made super tough with extra layers of thick 2000 denier fabric on the side tubes to protect against sharp fins and hooks. It also features double layer drop stitch floor with a top layer of EVA foam for super secure footing when standing. Explorer™ 350fx Packages 350fx Deluxe Package Explorer 350fx Deluxe Package - $899 • Explorer™ 350fx Hull with Carry Bag • One AB30 7'10" Double End Paddle • One DKS Green Inflatable Seat • One High Pressure Piston Pump A...

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Sea Eagle 2018 Catalog - 5

Sea Eagle® Sport Kayaks The Best Value in Inflatable Kayaks! The Sea Eagle 330 and 370 Sport Kayaks are 2 of the most popular inflatable kayaks in America. We have now sold over 200,000 of these incredibly popular inflatable kayaks, with over 60,000 Sea Eagle 330s and 370s being sold in just the last five years. It is no wonder the SE330 and SE370 have been so popular - just 26 lbs. and 32 lbs. respectively, they take only minutes to inflate and are capable of holding one, two or three adults. These kayaks use extra thick, special formula hull material that allows them to take plenty of...

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Sea Eagle 2018 Catalog - 6

Our Super Fast, Super Light, Super Portable High Performance Solo & Tandem Travel Kayaks! Sea Eagle RazorLite™ Kayaks are the first inflatable kayaks in the world to use all drop stitch construction. This patented construction system allows our Sea Eagle RazorLite™ kayaks to be the fastest and easiest to paddle inflatable kayaks in the world. Thickness: 4" Side Chambers 3" Floor Chamber Hull Weight: 33 lbs. 4" Side Chambers 3" Floor Chamber 43 lbs. Hull 1000 Denier All Drop Material: Stitch Reinforced 1000 Denier All Drop Stitch Reinforced Weight 1 Persons Capacity: or 500 lbs. Deflated:...

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Sea Eagle 2018 Catalog - 7

Featuring Patented External Drop Stitch NeedleKnife™ Keel. Sleek, Fast, Light and Stable... With Patented Outside "NeedleKnife" Drop Stitch Keel! Our sleek, curved FastTracks™ have state of the art "NeedleKnife™ " Rigid Molds at both the front and back of our external high pressure drop-stitch keel. This provides cleaner entry and exit through current, wind, waves & water and allows the 385ft, 385fta and 465ft to paddle faster & easier with greater glide. The round tubes on the outside of these kayaks create great stability while the inside high pressure drop stitch floor creates great...

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Sea Eagle 2018 Catalog - 8

For Scenic Paddling, Wilderness Camping and Up Close & Personal Whitewater or Ocean Thrills Our Sea Eagle Explorers are designed for white water running and extended camping. With their 16 drain valves, these kayaks drain water as fast as it comes in while going through Class 3 or 4 white water. They can easily handle steep drops, hydraulics, upstream eddies and even ocean waves. Weighing in at 30 lbs., 40 lbs & 44 lbs. respectively, these kayaks are light and easy to carry. They feature larger diameter pontoons that make them incredibly buoyant and stable at the same time. This makes these...

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Sea Eagle 2018 Catalog - 9

PaddleSki™ 435ps Catamaran Kayak The Unique Catamaran/Kayak PaddleSki™ 435ps Paddle, Row, Motor, Fish or Sail With the easy to attach Sea Eagle QuikRow™ you can enjoy all the healthy benefits of rowing on the water. The Sea Eagle PaddleSki™ is our most versatile kayak. A truly unique design that gives the owner total flexibility in how to use it. Think of it as a kayak platform which can be configured in 5 different ways - fish it, paddle it, motor it, row it or sail it. Paddling Sailing Rowing Fishing Motoring When not rowing, you can motor this versatile craft. When not motoring, you can...

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Sea Eagle 2018 Catalog - 10

Travel Canoe™ TC16 The World’s First ALL Drop-Stitch Inflatable Canoe The Traditional Canoe Has Been Re-invented... Now Even Lighter, More Portable & New Colors! Using our patented drop-stitch kayak construction technology (U.S. Patent #9,452,809) we've created the classic shape of rigid canoes. The Sea Eagle Travel Canoe is one of a kind! Travel Canoe™ TC16 Packages • TC16 Hull with Carry Bag • Two Inflatable Canoe Seats • Two Canoe Paddles • One Hand Piston Pump A total value of: $2792 Package Price: $1999 You Save: $793 This revolutionary canoe brings: • Unbelievable toughness because of...

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Sea Eagle 2018 Catalog - 11

WaveSlider™ WS4 Body Board A Body Board Like No Other The WaveSlider™ WS4 is a new kind of Body Board that offers a ton of fun in ocean surf or on whitewater rivers. Because it is wider and inherently far more buoyant, the WaveSlider™ gives wave riders some very important advantages over foam style boogie boards. Instead of floating in water, you float on top of the water. This makes it much easier to catch waves than traditional boogie boards, especially for larger body boarders. The WaveSlider™ is also an incredibly rugged inflatable body board because it uses two layers of fabric on both...

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