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"Omm 1963 The MK2 is introduced, considered the most reliable 1st stage in diving. 1965 The Jet Fin is introduced, bringing in a new approach to efficient underwater propulsion. 1971 The dive industry's first Stabilizing Jacket, known as the "Stab” Jacket, revolutionizes the BCD market. 1972 SCUBAPRO's Quick Disconnect Inflator enables divers to use the air from their tanks to fill their BCDs. 1979 The AIR2, the first alternate inflator regulator, integrates the BCD inflator with the octo reg. 1981 The Super Cinch Tank Band cam action buckle system redefines tank security. 1985 SCUBAPRO...

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DIVERS OUR OCEANS THE FUTURE OF THIS PLANET For over 50 years, SCUBAPRO has been committed to the sport of diving and to the protection of the world’s oceans that provide us all with so much of our enjoyment, exploration and adventure. SCUBAPRO products help new and experienced divers to discover and experience the amazing undersea world, and we invite everyone to join us in working to preserve it for future generations. From our environmentally-responsible products, materials and manufacturing techniques to sponsoring the conservation efforts of numerous organizations and our Deep Elite...

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BREATHE EASY. SCUBAPRO STANDS FOR QUALITY. You can dive with total confidence when you dive with a SCUBAPRO regulator system. Quality, reliability, and superb breathing performance – that’s what SCUBAPRO engineers strive for, and that’s what SCUBAPRO regulators are known for. It’s a stellar reputation well-earned from over five decades of cutting-edge engineering and industry-changing innovation that has changed the face of scuba. With a SCUBAPRO regulator you can focus on the underwater experience, not your gear. This is why divers depend on SCUBAPRO. OVER A HALF-CENTURY OF ENGINEERING...

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Raja Ampat, Indonesia THE BENEFITS OF PISTON TECHNOLOGY. The task of a first stage regulator is quite simple: reduce the high-pressure air flowing from the tank to a consistent intermediate pressure for delivery to the second stage. By far the best way to accomplish this necessary step-down process is with a piston-style first stage. Raja Ampat, Indonesia AIR-BALANCED PISTON. Air-balanced piston first stages are the first choice of demanding sport divers and professionals. Here’s why: PERFORMANCE No other first stage design can reach the high air delivery rate of a balanced piston first stage....

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SCUBAPRO’S MK2 EVO IS A CLASSIC DOWNSTREAM PISTON FIRST STAGE. OTHER POPULAR SCUBAPRO FIRST STAGES. DIAPHRAGM FIRST STAGES. SCUBAPRO’s classic MK2 EVO is a reliable workhorse, and it’s the only downstream piston-style first stage with internal components specifically designed to resist freezing in extreme cold-water conditions. It’s a great entry-level reg for new divers, and also for veteran divers and travel divers who like to keep their diving simple and affordable. For divers who want a reliable, inexpensive piston-style reg that can handle cold water conditions, the MK2 EVO is an...

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A-SERIES Precision hand-crafted A-Series second stages are built to last. With its striking all-metal casing, screw-down casing cover and metal valve housing, the A700 is muscular in build as well as performance. Its air-balanced valve technology, stainless steel inlet tube and oversized exhaust valve deliver an ease of inhalation and exhalation that is unmatched. A700 Designed for divers who want the best, the full-metal A700 offers excellent breathing performance. Teamed with a MK25 EVO or MK17 EVO, it provides unparalleled breathing performance in all water temperatures. FULL METAL CASING...

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S600 SCUBAPRO’s best-selling air-balanced second stage, the S600 is renowned for its powerful performance, user-friendliness and ease of breathing. It offers responsive user controls and an efficient purge. With its rugged reinforced technopolymer casing, stainless steel front face and ring, and stainless steel inlet tube, the time-proven S600 delivers top breathing performance every time. S560 This lightweight version of the famous S600 is air-balanced for ultra-smooth air delivery on demand. It comes with a technopolymer inlet tube and full user controls. You can count on it to always...

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_ LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY O- All SCUBAPRO regulators feature our limited lifetime warranty. HFP = High-Flow Port providing 15% higher airflow than standard low-pressure ports.

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AWESOME TECHNOLOGY. INCREDIBLY INTUITIVE. The personal dive computer’s ability to monitor depth and bottom time, track nitrogen loading and calculate decompression makes diving safer, easier, and a lot more fun. But not all dive computers are created equal. That’s why divers choose SCUBAPRO. UNIQUE, ADVANCED, AMAZING. SCUBAPRO’s UWATEC dive computers have set the standard for performance and inventiveness. SCUBAPRO’s Swissbased designers and engineers know what divers want in their computers, and they deliver, from the revolutionary Aladin Pro to the game-changing Galileo to the...

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Raja Ampat, Indonesia GALILEO EASY TO READ, EASY TO USE, EASY TO LOVE. From beginner to tech diver, from Scuba to Freediving, CCR to Sidemount, G2 computers are designed to go anywhere your passion for diving takes you. FULL COLOR DISPLAY TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) dot matrix LCD screen (320x240p) produces vibrant colors for maximum readability. USER FRIENDLY Ultra-intuitive with a simple 3-button control system and loads of diver-friendly functions. Raja Ampat, Indonesia MENU LISTINGS Customizable, so you can use as much or as little G2 technology as you need. DISPLAY CONFIGURATIONS Four...

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Raja Ampat, Indonesia With its compact size, intuitive data display and convenient quick-disconnect, the Aladin H (Matrix) is a sharp-looking and full-featured dive computer targeted to avid recreational divers. It comes with a metallic faceplate and easy-to-read LCD segmented display on top and middle rows, and a matrix display on the bottom row. The Aladin H (Matrix) offers full air integration, making it an ultra-compact hose-attached dive computer. Add the easy-to-use on-board digital compass and you have a winner. AFFORDABLE COMPUTERS LOADED WITH FEATURES. Aladin Matrix computers...

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