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SCUBAPRO 2020 - 1


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SCUBAPRO 2020 - 2

TIMELINE _____________________________________ 2 LIVING OUR VALUES __________________________ 4 REGULATORS _________________________________ 5 DIVE COMPUTERS____________________________ 21 BCDs _________________________________________ 33 DIVE SUITS __________________________________ 49 OUR PURPOSE Fuel a passion for the sport and lifestyle of diving, giving divers the utmost confidence to explore that which cannot be seen from the surface. UPF __________________________________________ 69 FINS _________________________________________ 75 MASKS _______________________________________ 83...

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SCUBAPRO 2020 - 3

HERE ARE JUST A FEW INNOVATIONS THAT HAVE CHANGED THE WAY DIVERS GO DIVING. 1963 The MK2 is introduced, considered the most reliable 1st stage in diving. 1965 The Jet Fin is introduced, bringing in a new approach to efficient underwater propulsion. 1971 The dive industry’s first Stabilizing Jacket, known as the “Stab” Jacket, revolutionizes the BCD market. 1972 SCUBAPRO’s Quick Disconnect Inflator enables divers to use the air from their tanks to fill their BCDs. 1979 The AIR2, the first alternate inflator regulator, integrates the BCD inflator with the octo reg. 1981 The Super Cinch Tank Band cam...

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SCUBAPRO 2020 - 4

"Across the globe, Mission Blue relies on SCUBAPRO equipment to carry out expeditions that shine light on the beauty - and fragility - of the ocean. Many thanks to the team at SCUBAPRO for keeping us safe and joining us in our mission to protect the blue heart of the planet." - Sylvia Earle VING OUR VALUES For over 50 years, SCUBAPRO has been committed to the sport of diving and to the protection of the world's oceans that provide us all with so much of our enjoyment, exploration and adventure. From our environmentally-responsible products, materials and manufacturing techniques to...

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SCUBAPRO 2020 - 5

INDUSTRY LEADERS IN REGULATOR INNOVATION. REGULATORS BREATHE EASY. SCUBAPRO STANDS FOR QUALITY. You can dive with total confidence when you dive with a SCUBAPRO regulator system. Quality, reliability, and superb breathing performance – that’s what SCUBAPRO engineers strive for, and that’s what SCUBAPRO regulators are known for. It’s a stellar reputation well-earned from over five decades of cutting-edge engineering and industry-changing innovation. SCUBAPRO regulators let you focus on the underwater experience, not your gear. This is why divers depend on SCUBAPRO. OVER A HALF-CENTURY OF...

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SCUBAPRO 2020 - 6

FIRST STAGE REGULATORS THE BENEFITS OF DIAPHRAGM TECHNOLOGY. An air-balanced diaphragm first stage has more moving parts than a piston first stage. However, its body is environmentally sealed to prevent water and pollutants from fouling the inner mechanism. Because of this, it tends to be favored by divers who find themselves in waters containing lots of suspended particles, silt, or contaminating materials. All SCUBAPRO diaphragm first stages deliver reliable and consistent air delivery regardless of tank pressure. FIRST STAGE DIAPHRAGM The air-balanced diaphragm MK17 EVO delivers constant and...

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SCUBAPRO 2020 - 7

FIRST STAGE REGULATORS // FIRST STAGE AIR-BALANCED FLOW-THROUGH PISTON THE BENEFITS OF PISTON TECHNOLOGY. The task of a first stage regulator is quite simple: reduce the high-pressure air flowing from the tank to a consistent intermediate pressure for delivery to the second stage. By far the best way to accomplish this pressure reduction is with a piston-style first stage. Year after year, SCUBAPRO’s flagship high-performance first stage consistently ranks as the top-performing first stage on the market. With this air-balanced flow-through piston-style first stage mounted to an air cylinder, you...

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SCUBAPRO 2020 - 8

// FIRST STAGE CLASSIC DOWNSTREAM PISTON This time-proven piston design has been around for decades. It’s a bona fide diving classic, and for good reason: STRAIGHT-FORWARD MECHANISM The simplest mechanism to control the pressure drop from a tank to feed the second stage. High Pressure Feed High Pressure Air From The Tank Valve A REAL WORKHORSE While it does not compensate for minor pressure changes as air is consumed like an air-balanced first stage does, its simple design requires little maintenance and delivers dependable airflow. ECONOMICAL A good choice for new divers looking for an air...

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SCUBAPRO 2020 - 9

MK25 EVO BT/A700 CARBON BLACK TECH TIMELESS DESIGN, SUPERB BREATHING PERFORMANCE. Designed for divers who want the best, the full-metal A700 offers excellent breathing performance. Teamed with a MK25 EVO or MK17 EVO, it provides unparalleled breathing performance in all water temperatures. All of the features of the A700, plus a lightweight, virtually indestructible carbon fiber front cover and durable Black Tech coating for technical diving and more. This race-car-sleek system works as good as it looks. LIGHTWEIGHT PERFORMANCE The perfect blend of rich diving history and cutting-edge...

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SCUBAPRO 2020 - 10

The S620 Ti embraces the best features of SCUBAPRO’s renowned S600 in an upgraded, state-of-the-art design. It delivers excellent performance, providing effortless airflow in a comfortable, lightweight package. In all water temperatures, all diving depths, and all dive conditions, this regulator is a winner. SCUBAPRO’s top regulator technology is on display in this ultra-light, totally corrosion-resistant regulator system. It includes all of the features of the S620 Ti, plus teams its titanium inlet tube with a durable titanium faceplate. Add a MK25T EVO first stage, machined from a solid...

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SCUBAPRO 2020 - 11

Take all of the features of the G260 and add a Black Tech scratchresistant coating on all metal parts, and you have a performance system that’s protected against the ravages of salt water and corrosion. This durable coating includes an inner layer of chemical Nickel (FDA approved) and a glossy DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) outer layer. R-SERIES Built with classic downstream technology, R-Series 2nd stages are rugged, reliable and economical. They are versatile too. With their left or right hose routing capability, they are perfect choices for use on stage or pony bottles, or as octopus...

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