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2017 CATALOG - 4

The Future of Diving Starts with You. HUMAN FACTOR DIVING™ Your gear should adapt to you, allowing you to personalize every aspect of your dive. This is the guiding philosophy of every SCUBAPRO innovation. Human Factor Diving™ keeps you at the center of the experience, before, during, and after your dive—with gear that’s intuitive, comfortable, and perfectly suited so all you have to focus on is having an incredible dive experience. HUMAN FACTOR DIVING™Everywhere SCUBAPRO leads in every category with gear that’s intuitive, comfortable, and leaves you free to explore. Regulators Adapted to...

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2017 CATALOG - 5

HUMAN FACTOR PERSONALIZATION Gear developed with the Human Factor Diving™ adaptive approach is so smart and intuitive, you only need to focus on one thing: exploration. Offering patented features that no other company offers, SCUBAPRO's ongoing development process is laser-focused on designing gear to make your dive unforgettable. EVALUATION Designed by divers for divers—SCUBAPRO gear is repeatedly dive tested to prove its usability, long before it hits the shelves, earning the trust of militaries, public safety and specialized diving research organizations the world over. DESIGNED FOR...

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2017 CATALOG - 7

take it all in. Discover the peace of exploring the water, hearing only the beat of your heart and the relaxed rhythm of each breath. With SCUBAPRO regulator systems, you can do what comes naturally, and leave the ordinary behind. Trust the most advanced technologies to give you a truly incredible experience.

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2017 CATALOG - 8

The undisputed leader in regulators. When it comes to SCUBAPRO regulators, divers have many choices, including piston and diaphragm designs, user adjustments and convenience features available nowhere else. But a regulator must, first and foremost, deliver smooth and effortless airflow, in all dive conditions, at all depths, with unquestioned reliability. And that’s where SCUBAPRO truly shines. Pre-dive/ dive switch reduces free flow Constructed from the best materials available, such as titanium and carbon fiber

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2017 CATALOG - 9

R E G U L AT O R S Constantly EVOlving performance Configurable port routing to dive however you choose A proven legacy. Why do so many militaries and public safety teams buy SCUBAPRO? Because they require equipment that can meet their stringent standards, that can endure rugged use, and that can be relied upon to work when needed. When you buy SCUBAPRO, you’re in good company. A regulator for every dive. SCUBAPRO draws from its great variety of regulators to create ideal systems for any diving: casual recreational, travel, cold water, deep, or technical. Extremely comfortable mouthpieces...

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2017 CATALOG - 10

SCUBAPRO’s exceptional A-Series second stages, when teamed with a MK25 EVO or MK17 EVO first stage, form the ultimate air delivery systems. The A700’s rugged full-metal casing, front cover and valve housing are able to withstand years of aggressive diving. This metal construction also enables the use of a standard diaphragm inside a more compact casing, increasing breathing sensitivity. The A700 Carbon BT features a handmade full carbon fiber front cover, which is lighter to increase comfort, plus provides excellent shock resistance. MK25 EVO/A700 CARBON BLACK TECH.. A lightweight yet...

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2017 CATALOG - 11

Enhanced Flow Hi-Flow mouthpiece and enlarged mouthpiece pipe, improve comfort and increases airflow. And the super-flow hose delivers more air on each breath. The revolutionary new S620 Ti regulator touts a long list of features guaranteed to enhance a diver’s underwater experience, offering improved work of breathing in a smaller, lighter package—37% better than the S600. Choose between the MK25 EVO T and the MK25 EVO first stages. Compact Size. Huge Performance. The new compact size makes it more comfortable without sacrificing breathing performance. Versatile and Adjustable Equipped...

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2017 CATALOG - 12

S-Series air-balanced second stages have become synonymous with SCUBAPRO quality, unbeatable engineering and unbelievable breathing performance. Its newest member, the S620 Ti, is a total evolution in its class: more compact, a titanium core (barrel) and an extraordinary high flow exhaust tee, lets you literately feel the difference. SCUBAPRO’s top regulator technology is on display in this ultra-light, corrosion-resistant reg system. The first stage is machined from a solid block of titanium, and the newly designed high-flow S620 Ti features a full titanium inlet tube. The S620 Ti’s work...

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2017 CATALOG - 13

MK25 EVO/S600 Flawless performance and ease of breathing are the essence of this system. The preferred combo of professionals or any diver embarking on long, deep dives that require ultra-high performing cold-water protection. MSRP ∂ $769 Personalize your S600 — with these interchangeable purge covers, MOUTHPIECES and Hose Protectors. Available as additional accessories - sold separately. MK21/S560 This reg system is full of features. The compact piston first stage is lightweight, delivers excellent airflow and offers an optional head attachment for multiple hose orientations. The S560...

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2017 CATALOG - 14

SCUBAPRO’s renowned air-balanced G-Series second stages represent the most imitated air-balanced second stage design of all time. The first G-Series second stage was introduced in 1986. Rugged and reliable, today's version features SCUBAPRO’s largest second stage casing and diaphragm for the ultimate in breathing sensitivity. Metal components (inlet tube, orifice, inhalation control knob and hose connector) provide excellent cold-water performance, and a left-right hose attachment option is ideal for technical diving applications. MK25 EVO/G260 BLACK TECH Aimed at technical divers, this...

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2017 CATALOG - 15

A first stage specially designed to reduce size and weight, plus SCUBAPRO’s most compact second stage, make for an excellent travel regulator system. A smooth breathing and reliable midrange breather. MSRP ∂ $429 MK2 EVO/R195 Featuring a totally evolved classic downstream piston first stage, this workhorse reg delivers impressive breathing sensitivity with steady airflow, plus offers excellent cold-water resistance. MSRP ∂ $374 Combines the features of the R195 with a highvisibility yellow cover and a 39-inch yellow reversible hose for easy sharing. Preset inhalation and VIVA for...

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