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Crystic Resins for Closed Mould Processing ABOUT CLOSED MOULD PROCESSING Princess 32m Boat Hull Infusion Increasing commercial and environmental pressures are driving manufacturers to adopt alternative processing techniques to open moulding. The main drivers are : Improved Product Consistency and Quality Lighter and Stronger Components Reduced Labour Costs Improved Productivity Princess Yachts International Case Study Since the launch of our first 31-footer in 1965, Princess Yachts have been quietly rewriting the rules of luxury crusing. From our legendary Flybridge range and thrilling V-class sport yachts, to our luxury long-range Motor Yachts and ground-breaking M-Class superyachts. This has helped us to become a world-leader in closed mould resin infusion technology, enabling us to produce stronger, lighter, more fuel efficient hulls, without compromising performance. Our success in building world class motor yachts has been supported by suppliers such as Scott Bader who have engineered a wealth of high performance Crystic polyester and vinylester resins, market leading u.v. resistant gelcoats, superior technology barriercoats and Crestomer structural adhesives. Our partnership developing the best materials for production is constantly evolving and is fully supported by a strong technical team. Shaun Davy – Composites Engineering Manager

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The choice of process will depend on many factors including the number of parts needed, unit cost, part size, complexity, specification and finance available for new equipment. Vacuum Infusion A simple, adaptable process, which uses a flexible film and traditional FRP moulds. Particularly suitable for making large components. In this process, a machine is used to inject resin into lightweight matched FRP tools. It is fairly cost efffecive and is a popular choice amongst moulders. A fast and efficient ay of producing FRP w parts. The process involves the controlled injection of resin through...

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Discovery Yachts When we started looking at infusion, we wanted to find a suitable supplier with matched products for the entire system: gelcoat, skin coat and vinylester infusion resin. We looked at a number of options, but Scott Bader was an easy choice even though they had not supplied vinylester resins to us before. The superior colour retention in the Permabright gel coat is a great quality improvement benefit, but Scott Bader not only has excellent quality products, they also provide us with their technical support and experience. More importantly, even though we are not a large...

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Scott Bader Group Companies HEAD OFFICE Scott Bader Company Limited Wollaston England Tel: +44 1933 663100 Fax: +44 1933 666139 email: Scott Bader Scandinavia AB Falkenberg Sweden Tel: +46 346 10100 Fax: +46 346 59226 email: Scott Bader South Africa Hammarsdale South Africa Tel: +27 31 736 8500 Fax: +27 31 736 8511 email: Scott Bader Eastern Europe Liberec Czech Republic Tel: +420 485 228 344 Fax: +420 485 228 345 email: Scott Bader Middle East Limited Dubai United Arab Emirates Tel: +971...

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