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Crestabond® -Primerless MMA Structural Adhesives


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Primerless MMA Structural Adhesives Primerless MMA Adhesives Bonding Pastes

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Primerless MMA Structural Adhesives Primerless MMA Adhesives Scott Bader is a global company with over 40 years experience in designing and manufacturing high quality adhesives. Bonding Pastes Scott Bader benefits from an industry leading technical support team available to assist customers with technical advice. Scott Bader also boasts in house laboratory testing facilities allowing for a rapid response to customer requests. The Crestabond® range of M7, PP (1:1) and M1 (10:1) structural adhesives are unique to the market due to the incorporation of our novel tougheners. Bonding Pastes The...

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Marine from kayaks to super yachts Land & transportation buses, coaches, cars, trains and trucks Building & construction doors, windows and cladding Wind energy blades, housing and nacelles Recreational vehicles motorhomes and caravans Agricultural vehicles tractors, diggers, off-road and combine harvesters Guide To Bonding Check first ► Product is within shelf life ► Cartridge has been stored correctly ► No obvious defect or damage to cartridge ► No blockages at the cartridge outlet ► Correct static mixing nozzle is being used Key points ► Higher or lower working temperatures will cause...

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Crestabond® features Customer benefits Primer-less adhesives Dramatically enhances production efficiency and reduces consumable costs Minimal surface preparation Reduces dust emissions and preparation time Excellent fatigue and impact resistance Confidence in the longevity of the finished product Range of working and fixture times Optimises production cycles to reduce manufacturing costs Good gap filling capability Adhesive can be used in multiple applications Crestabond® Dispensing Equipment ► The Crestabond® cartridges can be used with a manual or pneumatic gun. Suitable...

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Product Description Colour Mix ratio Viscosity Working Fixture Time Tensile Tensile Tensile Gap Fill by volume (cP) Time (mins) (mins)* Elongation (%) Strength (MPa) Modulus (MPa) (mm) Based on laboratory results *Refer to TDS for definition Using the Adhesive Selection Guide Pack sizes M1 (10:1) Range ► 50ml Side by side cartridges ► 400ml Coaxial cartridges ► 825ml Side by side cartridges ► 20 Litre/ 18kg (nominal) pails ► 200 litre/ 180kg (nominal) pails M7/ PP (1:1) Range ► 50ml Side by side cartridges ► 400ml Side by side cartridges ► 20 Litre/ 18kg...

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GRP Stainless Steel Aluminium Powder Coated Steel Cold Rolled Steel Galvanised ► Step 2 Check the adhesive bonds the required substrates: ► Composites ► Metals ► Plastics ► Galvanised ► Step 3 Arrange a demonstration or trial by contacting your local Scott Bader representative or email

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Making a positive difference Scott Bader Middle East Limited Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 481 50 222 Fax: +971 488 35319 Email: Abahsain Scott Bader FZ CO Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 481 50 222 Email: Scott Bader Asia Pacific Shanghai, China Tel: +86 (21) 5298 7778 Fax: +86 (21) 5298 8889 Email: Satyen Scott Bader Pvt. Ltd Mumbai, India Tel: + 91 22 4220 1555 Fax: + 91 22 2491 1262 Email: NovaScott Especialidades Quimicas Ltda Civit II, Serra, ES 29165-973, Brazil Tel: +55 27...

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