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CRESTABOND M1-60 Methacrylate Structural Adhesive Product Overview Crestabond M1-60 is a toughened, two component acrylic adhesive designed for bonding composites, thermoplastics and metals. This new generation of structural methacrylate adhesive meets the bonding requirements of most assembly operations, demonstrating excellent impact, peel, shear, compressive strength and fatigue resistance properties across all bonded parts. Crestabond M1-60 is a primer-less adhesive, requiring only minimal surface cleaning of the substrates to be bonded and demonstrates high toughness in all assembled parts with a gap filling capability up to 50mm. Primer-less metal application Excellent retention of toughness High strength and modulus Non-sag Fast setting and curing Excellent adhesion to dissimilar substrates Excellent environmental resistance Ready-to-use two component adhesive Speeds assembly process Excellent fatigue and impact resistance Replaces mechanical fasteners Application on vertical surfaces Reduce labour Characteristics of Crestabond M1-60 Characteristics Working Time/Geltime Fixture Time Flash Point Mixed Colour Working time measured with 40g mass of adhesive with 10:1 mix ratio by volume at 24°C. Liquid Properties Typical Material Properties Property Typical Value Tensile Strength Tensile Modulus Tensile Elongation Typical Value Property Specific Gravity Viscosity measured using a Brookfield Viscometer at 24°C. Stability defined from date of manufacture when left un-opened in the original containers and out of direct sunlight.

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Bond Joint Strength – Typical Lap Shear Strengths at 23°C M1-60 Lap Shear Bond Joint Strength Values are based on substrate failure where marked by * Material GRP/FRP* Solvent Degrease Solvent Degrease Solvent Degrease Degrease, Abrade & Cold Rolled Steel Degrease Stainless Steel Solvent Degrease Aluminium Solvent Degrease Acrylic Solvent Degrease PVC ABS Cold Rolled Steel Stainless Steel Aluminium Acrylic 0 Test Method ASTM 5868 ASTM 2564 ASTM 2564 Please contact Scott Bader Technical Services for information on other substrates. Temperature Performance Lap Shear to ISO4587:2003 Testing...

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i) Metals Typically, the surface should be clean and dry by using an alcohol/solvent wipe and allowing the solvent to evaporate before application. Certain metals, such as carbon steel may also require mechanical abrasion and a subsequent alcohol solvent wipe prior to bonding. ii) Thermoplastics The surface must be clean, dust-free and dry. A suitable solvent such as iso-propanol can be used to degrease. iii) Composites The surface must be clean, free of dust and dry. This can be achieved by the use of proprietary strippable cloths such as peel-ply (without lubricant contaminates). The...

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