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When reliability, speed and performance Are mission critical KPM predators in each water tight compartment (10 off) + KPM500 keeping the vessel afloat in the English channel. KPM never stops innovating and listening to customer’s demanding applications , This has shaped our design ethos over 28 years . Ground works and maintenance KPM not only design for performance but also robust construction and the ability to repair in the field in the rare situation that the product fails. When we said to a customer “you can throw this off a mountain “ we never thought that the customer would throw it...

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28 years of global excellence In aggressive environments & demanding users KPM Marine, based in Birmingham UK, has specialized in the design and manufacture of safety critical products for the marine and automotive industries for over 28 years. The KPM range of products for the marine industry includes seating, modular vessel interiors, engine room air management systems, high performance bilge pumps and sea strainers. KPM designs its products around extended life times with full repairability and the lowest possible failure. In addition we design around recyclability (95% by weight) and...

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A mythical reputation and choice of Professionals Mil Spec seafoam green Super yacht Arctic white | | Emergency signal orange KPM - Marine The Predator 350 is the choice of professionals from work boat operators to Yachtsmen . The KPM engineers are always receiving customers stories where the pump saved the vessel . One customer continued on a 2 week voyage when they sprung a leak rather than putting into port because they had total trust in the predator, which run for the whole voyage without any issues. I hasten to add that the yacht builder now fits Predator as standard like most work...

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KPM Marine Predator Pumps - 5

Predator 700 S High flow - low power Mil Spec seafoam green Super yacht Arctic white | | Emergency signal orange KPM - Marine The Predator 700 is the choice of professionals from work boat operators to Yachtsmen . The dual pump configuration not only allows high water flow , but the option of using single pumps or both to conserve power . The 700s also allows redundancy where mission critical ops need to be considered. Features include: □ 350 liters per min @3m head 10 m hose 2 inch( see our fitting guide) □ 24 volt running at 29 amps full pump load □ 3 meters of marine grade cable( Longer...

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A mythical reputation and choice of Professionals The KPM-Marine Predator deep reach 350 has been developed for residual and mass removal of bilge water where access to the bilges is limited or tight. This pump can be mounted above the floor with access cut for the main pipe. This pump can be supplied in any length between 1000mm and 100mm to customer specifications. Features include: □ 168-200 liters per min @3m head ( see our fitting guide) □ 24 volt running at 16 amps full pump load □ 3 meters of marine grade cable( Longer as option) □ Run dry capability - 2 weeks (turned off test) □...

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KPM Marine Predator Pumps - 7

Black tank Macerator and Live-well circulator KPM - Marine The Predator 350LM was developed for a fleet operator who was tired of the cost and the unpleasant task of replacing macerators of a different make that were failing every 6 months and the cost in down time . Four years later the fleet of Predator 350 LM's has not missed a beat. Another example was when an Irish commercial fisherman contacted KPM for a replacement and after checking the serial number KPM were surprised that the pump had stopped. The customer informed KPM that the pump had run for four years in a live well and he was...

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KPM Marine Predator Pumps - 8

Filter sock KPM 350 FS Protecting the pumpSold in packs of 5 The KPM filter sock was developed for the USMC where the external water was used to cool the engines on the ATV's. KPM conducted months of trials with all the duty cycles that would be encountered. After months of testing KPM developed the filter sock and whilst filtering the listed media , also maintained full flow. Even if used in the bilge KPM suggest the use of a sock where loose items would damage or block the pump. Each Sock has a stainless spring that stops the sock collapsing so free flow is maintained. Socks can be washed...

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demanding users Hi flow Non return valves In aggressive environments & KPM NRV The KPM-Marine Non-Return Valve has been designed to ensure maximum flow from the Predator. CNC machined from aluminium. Hard anodised and powder coated the valve is the most robust on the market . The flapper valve is maintenance- free and made from water board approved EPDM for extra life. Sizes available: 1”, 1.5” and 2” pipe inside diameters. The unit has a very low crack pressure and virtually zero effect on flow. The NRV is easily repairable by simply fitting a new gasket flapper. Like all KPM repairability...

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KPM Marine Predator Pumps - 10

KPM SENSORS AND FLOAT SWITCHES For early warning KPM DLS Dual level sensor KPM Marine dual level sensors give a high and low reading that is commonly integrated into the ships control system. The sensor comes in tow variations depending on the class of the vessel. Class vessels usually have normally on and non class normally off. The switch has a bracket that allows it to be bolted to the Predator pump in 3 positions. KPM Marine 24v 25 Amp is a robust bilge switch that allows the Predator to be run on manual or automatic mode using freely available bilge switch panels of your choice or a...

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12-24 volt driver pack The KPM driver pack allows the user to connect the optimised 24 volt Predator pump unit to a 12volt system with a 93% efficiency whilst maintaining the performance of a 24 volt motor in the predator. An aluminium anodised housing to IP68 supplied with volt meter circuit breaker and plug connections. 12-24 volt Bilge switch The KPM Bilge switch when used with the KPM 25 amp float switch allows the Predator pump to be put in manual or automatic mode. This switch panel is industrial grade and mounted on a stainless 316lL engraved panel with fixing supplied. The volt...

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