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the Stern Fenders catalog

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LAMINATED STERN FENDERS SINGLE LAYER STERN DOUBLE LAYER STERN MODEL 101 A VERTICAL STERN MODEL 101 C MODEL 105 9" or 11" Thick The standard stern fender can be designed to fit any hull configuration. The units are pre-curved for a tight fit. Radius 12" to 240" As required 9" or 11" Thick Any Depth Any Angle To Fit Hull Any Depth Any Angle Simply weld to tumblehome hull or lower stern for barge and scow protection. More durable and economical than extruded rubber. Width To Fit Hull Inner and Outer Layers are joined together with internal straps through the length of fender to prevent separation. D-GUARD STERN TUMBLEHOME U-GUARD L-GUARD MODEL 130 MODEL 131 MODEL 132 MODEL 133 Single layer U-shape Single layer L-shape Existing steel guard Existing steel guard Extended weld-tabs over existing steel guard rail Flush to hull weld tab Pre-Formed weld tab at angle Schuyler D-Guard is designed to be welded directly to the existing steel rub rail or bullworks, welded into channel, or chain hung to hull. The pre-curved sections come ready for installation — no need to scarf rail, build channel, or drill holes. These special design stern fenders can be chain-hung or welded-on. Schuyler can design the fender to compliment the tug’s task and hull design. The stern fenders are custom built of durable, nylon reinforced, synthetic rubber. The rubber laminates are compressed onto high quality steel rods welded or attached to end plates. The steel rod and plate frame is allowed to flex through the use of a patented hinge type assembly system. Chain links are installed top and bottom as specified, and the end plates can be flat or angle. Our fenders are manufactured for a tight hull fit. These models are also available with weld tabs. Please specify hot rolled, cold rolled, alloy, or stainless steel construction. Aluminum and hot-dip galvanizing also available. See insert for Load Deflection, Energy Absorption, and Architectural Specifications. 8 PROTECTION SINCE 1950 204 Ida Road Broussard, Louisiana 70518 TOLL 866-347-9445 FREE Phone: 337/248-1426 Fax: 337/837-3610 Website: email: Made in America

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