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the Extruded Fenders catalog

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Choose with Confidence Today’s ships require up-to-date protection against impact during cargo transfer at sea or trans-shipment at sea or more commonly during berthing against a quay or jetty wall. Capital investment in both ships and docks is so great that if maintenance costs can be reduced by good fendering, then substantial savings will be made. Schuyler Companies offers a complete range of marine fenders, designed and engineered to provide the correct type of protection for every conceivable situation. The quality of our products is proven in installations worldwide.

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Gulf Coast / East Coast West Coast P: (866) 347-9445 F: (337) 321-4276 P: (800) 426-3917 F: (425) 488-2424 1036 Vicky Ln. Broussard, La. 70518 USA 16901 Wood-Red Rd. Woodinville, WA 98072

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