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the D-Guard Push Knee Fenders catalog

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D-GUARD PUSH KNEE FENDER MODEL 114B — DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS Side View Front View Features • Reinforced rubber D-guard sections are compressed onto 11/4" steel rods and secured with heavy-duty flatbar or angle Tapered to provide tight joint fit when two or more units are used. (optional) • Weld tabs are compressed onto steel rods and are welded directly to hull C • Each weld tab floats and works independent of other weld tabs thereby providing quick installation on irregular and damaged hulls B • Rubber is tapered at ends to provide tight joint when two or more units are used (optional) Top View • Provides up to 500% more rubber protection (10" vs. 2") as compared to molded rubber A Attachment Systems A. FLUSH WELD-TAB (as shown above) – welded directly to knee or welded into channel • Tough plies of nylon reinforced rubber virtually eliminates chipping, unlike molded rubber or wood plank bumpers A • Fenders come complete with weld tabs — no need to incur costs associated with pinning extruded rubber into channel B • Mounted vertically on push knees B. EXTENDED WELD-TAB – welded over existing structure, guard rail, or sponson • Mounted horizontally as side, stern, and bow fenders A • Compression tests have demonstrated maximum impact absorption and reflection B • Unaffected by salt water, ozone, and oil C. BROADMOUNT WELD-TAB – welded directly to hull – increased area of weld for added strength • 100% of rubber content is certified to be recycled A B PART NO. 9" 8" 8" SR 114 B 0810 8" 10" SR 114 B 1010 A 6" SR 114 B 0808 – any combination of weld tabs are available for custom fit B SR 114 B 0609 D. COMBINATION A 10" C 10" WT LBS PER LINEAL FT 36 12" to 480" 37 42 46 Specify attachment system when placing order. B See insert for Load Deflection, Energy Absorption, and Architectural Specifications. 10 PROTECTION SINCE 1950 204 Ida Road Broussard, Louisiana 70518 TOLL 866-347-9445 FREE Phone: 337/248-1426 Fax: 337/837-3610 Website: email: Made in America

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