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Day cruiser 30 - 8 Pages

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Day cruiser 30

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Wth its ample beam and generous interior space we have taken advantage of new design techniques like never before. The cockpit has a useful beam of ism <jr*j a length that can vary, thank* to Che hiding (optional]) "L" shaped sofa. This of attention in the cockpit Is a functional and elegantly designed wet bar, covered in teak, which combines harmoniousiy with the Kitchen, friooe and sink. Another design feature Is the scrfa/solarium with foWable back Test. There exists the option enriching the aft deck and bathing platform with teak- There should be no fighting over who gets to use the...

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CABIN LUXURY PACK: OPTIONAL INTERIOR KITCHEN: OPTIONAL STD FAOAcCS AN & COLOURS ARE DIFFERENT FROM THOSE SHOWN When our design bean drew up tre plans for this prefect we! realise. The hefcn station notcrty hasa large and well designed Instrument panel, but also two newly designed eraon^^ the kjrocarKf long windows, define the inncrvartirc in rf.ich i.hf vri'rt with 'Mbfeth«c;an l^gsnweneq into a large bed, She iathrexyi with optima ieparate shower", the '.rem cabin wth a lary* double bed. There Is the option of Isolating the aft cabin from the rest with a bulkhead for greater privacy. There...

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Technical data - Caracterl&ticas t£cnicas - Caracteristiques techniques - Technische Daten - Tehni£ke karakterisike ■ Caratteristiche tecniche Owill Length Hull kflght crew capacity Self-bailing -cockpit Boat design category Longueur hors tout Longueur toque Pc»Ji fas<+.j> Cockpit auK^fcfeur CJttgorrf duomokigaticwi Cjelokupna durina prazna leSfna atomatsko pumpanje Suggnxtnd nnginn Petrol Si-wn drl^e T.DIael Stem Drive: In-boa^d Essence; Sugorirana motoriicKija Petrol Stern driw; E-jlor.] total Capa triad Mpdsito tomburtiwe/agwa &atara autovaclante Rumpf Urtge S*lbitterlMrtdei Cockplc...

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Standard equipment - Equ.po standard - Equipement standard - GfundausstattLing Standard - Standardna oprema- Equipaggiairiento standard Daadkl! - Bun ard drfL-LkMila - fAuor 11□ Inn ■ Nawuauun tu^lLi ■ 3c« a rri nil lieukk -Aintair bum iLcracc ■ -Cuifutclr rubber Ic-derma, tin tow iv; aaa windirrr*n - D#ck;pmrriatiti - Atr ptirtsrn wrh UMrrrnlr^ iS;+.-lng l«r:rrwiri rrinwricrjer -PLwarfchflag pew jirsj uckrt- D^ntrKv InrlarrtprV MI *<*n*er vomumcl-inTiHeclc-Si»ini«snedbewprip"'t:-ntiwooditep-EleoricancJiofw*ncn jwwwttimmctujinwdiochor• Obaxu rake; ■',J".'P.: '. i.'.c 5*H"boilirvq cwhpai...

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