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New additions to the range. ROKK WIRELESS. ROKK WIRELESS. ROKK Wireless - Active 12/24V wireless waterproof charger. Designed for an active environment IPX6 waterproof. Qi certified. ROKK Wireless 12/24V wireless waterproof charger. Marine grade materials. IPX6 waterproof. Qi certified. Kayak Track Base Slide. Twist. Lock. Compatible with all kayak track systems. Quick and easy one hand install. ROKK mini compatible.

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RLS-521-401/2/7 HOOK2 Pro Mount Kit Grip. Click. Lock. SC–USB–02 Designed with Lowrance for HOOK2 4x/5x. Quick release & adjustable. 3 base options. SC-100 Product Update Less tools required. Upgraded strut base, quicker to install. One-piece, mirror polished 316 Stainless steel clamps. SPD/SPH-9/13-W 9” & 13” Deck & Helm Most compact installation. Sleek modern design. Easiest inst

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ROKK WIRELESS, active. High-performance 12/24V waterproof wireless charging phone mount, engineered for an active marine environment. - IPX6 waterproof sealed unit - Charge your phone up to 6G - Self-centralizing for optimum charge position - High friction sliding grip - Anodized aluminium chassis - Single handed docking - Install on any flat surface

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ROKK WIRELESS. The IPX6 waterproof 12/24V Qi certified wireless charger range enables phone charging on board. Choose the right mounting preference for your installation from one of our 3 easy install options. - 12/24V wireless waterproof Qi certified charger - Qi certified - IPX6 waterproof - Easy install - U.V stable - Non slip surface - No sealant required IPX6 C€ q» RS RoHS moos Engineered to be installed under the surface and leave the top surface un-cluttered and looking perfect.

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Low-profile, flush-mounted charge pad with an ultra grippy, non-slip surface. The easiest to install, this option includes the non-slip surface pad but simplifies installation even further.

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ROKK C HA RG E +. 12/24V Waterproof USB Charge Socket SC-USB-02 The ultimate rapid charge waterproof USB charger with dual socket connectivity that can charge devices up to 3x faster than standard USB sockets. Featuring an ultra low profile, that’s perfect for any outdoor application. - Universal fit for any USB Type-A connector. - Click & Lock Lid. - Output current 4.2A (total). - IPX6 waterproof while in use. - Up to 3x faster than standard USB sockets. CHUCK HUSICK AWARD

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ROKK CABLE. USB Charge / Sync Cable Range ROKK CHARGE• SC-USB-01 Waterproof on-board charging, whatever the weather. Dual socket will connect and charge devices including phones, tablets, fish finders, chart plotters and more. Perfect for RIBs, kayaks, sail and powerboats. CBL-LU-2000 2.0m (6.5ft) Lightning CBL-MU-2000 2.0m (6.5ft) Micro CBL-LU-600 60cm (2ft) Lightning CBL-MU-600 60cm (2ft) Micro Lightning to USB - Fast 2.4A Charge Speed - 2 lengths - 2m/6.5ft & 0.6/2ft - Rugged and tough - Approved by Apple Micro USB to USB - Fast 2.4A Charge Speed - 2 lengths - 2m/6.5ft & 0.6/2ft - Rugged...

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The hi-performance ROKK mini modular system allows you to mount your electronics to boats, cars, off-road vehicles, aircraft and more. Move your device conveniently between 1. Top different types of base mounts in different locations in one easy click. Available as starter kits or individual parts. Half turn locking system Fish Finder. Quick release button

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Universal Tablet Clamp Tops RL-508 Universal Phone Clamp RL-509 Lowrance HOOK2 Quick Release Adapter RL-521 Surface Mount Rail Mount Cable-Tie Self-Adhesive Suction Cup

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Adjustable Rail Mount RL-ARM Adjustable Deck Mount RL-ADM Rail Mount RL-RM Adjustable Mount for Railblaza RL-ARB A multi-position mount for small electronic devices on board. Compatible with Garmin, Raymarine, Humminbird, Lowrance, B&G and AMPS screens up to 7”.

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Check our online Buyer’s Guide for latest compatability. Compatible with MINI and MIDI, designed to work with a large range of screens, fishfinders & chartplotters.

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Waterproof Cable Seals IPX6 and IPX7 tested and approved. Guaranteed watertight installation. Split seal eliminates need to remove cable connectors during installation. Plastic I For connectors ranging from For cables from 2m Horizontal Deck Seal Stainless Steel Deck Seal Horizontal entry plastic cable seal, For connectors ranging from 16mm - 40mm (.62 - 1.57”) for cables from 2-10mm. For cables from 2mm - 15mm (.07 - .59”)

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Through Bulkhead Cable Seal Up to 4 x cables Ø 7mm (0.28”) - Ø 15mm (0.6”) Up to 10 x cables Ø 5mm (0.2”) - Ø 7mm (0.28”)

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Scanpod Solution for standard instruments up to 15” screens. Compatible with all major brands. Check the online Buyer’s Guide for latest compatability The perfect choice for all cockpit configurations. Fits any rail spacing for perfect screen position. Fits your display onto any curved rail. Fits your display onto any rail

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Radar Mount A cost-effective and space-saving solution for installing your radome or satcom antenna. Fixed Mast Mounted Backstay Mounted Mast Mounted Pole Mounted (satcom optional)

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Pole Mount A versatile pole mount for deck or transom mounting. No customisation or adjustment needed. Two heights available. Adjustable base allows for installation on any surface from horizontal to vertical. Stainless steel deck strut and rail stand-off provide outstanding support.

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PowerTower Central Aluminium Accessory Bars For APT-150/250 only. Aluminium PowerTower For radar and satcom. Ideal for central cable routing as Cable Seal is included. Composite PowerTower Lightweight, suits any boat. Stainless Accessory Bars For all PowerTowers. Stainless PowerTower Ideal for narrow RIB arches.

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Modular Dual PowerTower NEW DPT-R-COMP DPT-R DPT-OA Modular mounting system for combining open array, radome, satcom, cameras and lights in one single space saving installation.

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Tapered Mast Single combination mount for radar, lights, GPS/VHF antennas, cameras or search lights. Now compatible with FLIR M100 & M200 series as standard. Custom Projects Full service custom product development: Award-winning, one-stop provider from concept to manufacture.

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