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Scanstrut and PowerTower are registered trade marks of Scanstrut Ltd. All other products names are trade marks of their respective owners. Catalogue correct at the time of printing. Liability for any difference between product and catalogue cannot be accepted by Scanstrut Ltd. Yacht and Powerboat photography by kind permission of Fairline Boats, Tom Gruitt, Rustler Yachts. All other photography by Scanstrut Ltd and Chris Knox Photography Design. Original paper drawings of the first Scanstrut Mast Mount in 1986 PRODUCT GUIDE / 2011 Installation Solutions for Marine Electronics

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Installation solutions for Marine electronics Scanstrut is 25 years old this year! I would like to personally thank all our customers, today and over the last 25 years, for choosing our award-winning products. We are here for you, dedicated to providing innovative and great value solutions backed-up with outstanding customer service. Our 2011 range is our best ever and includes our award-winning deck seals, a brand new Scanpod range and our stunning tapered mast for powerboats. Thank you all for your support and loyalty and we look forward to many more years of service to our customers. Tom...

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Why Choose a Scanpod? 1. FITS ANYWHERE ONBOARD Will they fit my boat? Is the range easy to stock as a distributor or dealer? Definitely. Our new range is short on part numbers for simplicity but long on mounting options to fit any boat. Helm, Deck and Mast ranges fit standard instruments, 20/20’s, 8”, 12” and 15” screens. 6. SIMPLIFIED STOCKING Yes. We have deliberately kept the range compact in order to make stocking easy. You will always have the right part in stock when needed. Intuitive part numbers help too: E.g. SPH-8D-W = Scanpod Helm Pod for 8” Display in White. Will I find them...

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Flex Mount System WITH GREAT NEW DESIGN FEATURES, The scanstrut helm POD Twin helm yacht? Mounting on a low rail? IS A PERFECT CHOICE FOR ALL COCKPIT CONFIGURATIONS. View your instruments from the perfect angle by using this WITH OPTIONS TO FIT RADAR DISPLAYS AND STANDARD NAVIGATION accessory in combination with THE Scanstrut Helm Pod. Fits ANY rail width from 7" (178mm) INSTRUMENTS, THE HELM POD PROVIDES A COMPACT AND WATERPROOF INSTALLATION FOR YOUR MARINE ELECTRONICS AT THE YACHT’S HELM. Simply clamp onto your existing rail or steering binnacle Range of models to fit 8” - 15” displays...

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Scanpod - Deck Pod For displays & instruments For standard & maxi instruments Solve the challenge of finding a level mounting Whether racing or cruising, our Mast Pods SUPER TOUGH AND LIGHTWEIGHT OFF-THE- surface to install your displays onto your give you the best view of your instruments. SHELF CARBON POD FOR INSTALLING 3 OR 4 powerboat, RIB or sailboat wheelhouse. 20/20 MAXI INSTRUMENTS ON RACE BOATS. Options available to install 2, 3 or 4 INSTRUMENTS at the mast. Full height splash guard on back of pod - fully protects instruments Mast arms pivot to provide universal fit to masts from...

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Powerboat Products INSTALLATION SOLUTIONS FOR POWERBOATS POWERTOWER Available in Composite, Stainless steel or Aluminium materials. Forward or aft leaning profile and choice of antenna heights. SATCOM ANTENNA MOUNT Low level mounting which reduces mounting area by 60% for greater choice of antenna position. SATCOM POWERTOWER Elevated antenna mounting with small footprint. Available in stainless steel or aluminium. RADAR ARCH, FLYBRIDGE OR CABIN ROOF MOUNTED PRODUCTS Satcom PowerTower Tapered Radar Mast Dual PowerTower Safely pivot your satcom installation through 180°, significantly...

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Composite PowerTower® For radomes, open array and small satcom/tv antenna or radar arch of your powerboat. Radar requires a clear view of the horizon to function correctly A CHOICE OF HEIGHTS AND MATERIALS TO SUIT ANY BOAT. Install your antenna on the cabin roof, flybridge Base Footprint Antenna fastens to PowerTower using own mounting bolts Pre-drilled mounting holes for ease of installation Aluminium PowerTower® Hollow stem for internal cable management Watertight base seal included - no need for messy sealant Base Footprint Stainless PowerTower® Which PowerTower do I need? Composite...

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Reduce the footprint of your satcom antenna by up to 60% to give you greater choice when choosing where to install your satcom antenna. Single piece composite GRP moulding for high strength and corrosion resistance Watertight seal fits between mount and antenna Antenna fixings external to aid install and maintenance Get the latest info at Our customers love scanstrut products! They are well designed, look great on any boat and make installation of The antenna quick and easy Satcom Antenna Mount Satcom Antenna Mounts SC80: For KVH M9 Satcom • Unique gland system (IP68...

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Satcom PowerTower For satcom/tv antenna NEW TAPERED RADAR MAST For Radomes, Lights, Camera, GPS/VHF antenna Elevate your satcom antenna and minimise the footprint, allowing you greater choice of antenna position. Single combination mount for radar, lights, GPS/VHF antennas, cameras and search lights, with each item perfectly positioned for maximum performance. Pre-drilled mounting holes for ease of installation Antenna fastens to PowerTower using own mounting bolts Undrilled top plate to fit any light Hollow stem for internal cable management Choice of material and profile Watertight base...

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Dual PowerTower For radomes or open array & satcom/tv antenna Install both radar and satcom antenna on one space saving mount. Elevating the satcom antenna above the radar eliminates antenna interference and ensures maximum performance from both applications. Pre-drilled mounting holes for ease of installation IP65 gland supplied to seal cable entry into stem Antenna fastens to PowerTower using own mounting bolts Hollow stem for internal cable management Get the latest info at Watertight base seal included - no need for messy sealant Options for open array antenna Compact...

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