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Install your Pulse Radar with a SG¿\i\t Scanstrut products allow the effective installation of 2kW or 4kW Pulse radar series onto power or sail boats. How to Order Your 'Scanstrut' Radar Mount: The Scanstrut products listed below are available to purchase from your Simrad or Lowrance Dealer. As a result,you can order a Scanstrut mount when you order your radar antenna. The complete range of Scanstrut products are available on demand. Visit for further information. Self Levelling Radar Mount - Backstay (aft mounted) Radar performance can be signficantly reduced when boat is heeled over and the radar is not level with the horizon. The Scanstrut leveller ensures the radar is level at all times for optimum performance. Mast Mount A classic install, the Mast Mount attaches to the mast by 4 swivel feet and has a 12 point fixing. The product is finished in a polyester powder coating with a durable gloss white finish * Additional adapter plate required - part no. 19042 For Cabin Roof, Flybridge or Radar Arch Installs: Composite PowerTower® Part no: PT2002 (tall) for 2kW / PT2005 (short) for 2kW / 4kW* A single piece composite structure for outstanding strength and surface finish. WK ^^^^ With 2 heights available 6"& 14"(150mm & ƒ 350mm) you can raise your antenna from the cabin roof, flybridge or radar arch. * Additional adapter plate required for 4kW- part no. 19042 PowerTower Accessory: Angles your radar down 4° below horizontal and provides a level horizon for your radar when the boat is bow's up Mounting Tips The vertical radar beam extends to 30° either side of horizontal from the radar antenna. With 50% of the power projecting in a beam of 15° off the horizontal (as shown in the picture). For optimum performance, when mounting the radar to vessels with a large hard top surface area, the radar should be positioned to allow the vertical radar beams to clear the superstructure of

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Installing Your Radar for Optimum Performance with a SGUM Reduced performance due to radar signal reflection or absorption of the But there will still be a decrease in Radar beams can clear the hard top. Hardtops with a width of 0.85m (3 ft), radar can be mounted directly to roof Installing a radar on your Powerboat Using a Scanstrut PowerTower you can raise the scanner to help allow the radar beams to clear the hard top. Will raise scanner by 150mm (6" Will raise scanner by 350mm (14") Better Performance: Hard tops up to 2.37m (7.7 ft) Better Performance: Hard tops up to 4.0m (13 ft) using...

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