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For Waters Worth Exploring.

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The New Sargo Explorer: Take common sense from Finland and turn it into an exciting boating experience anywhere. Most things are influenced by both their inheritance and the environment in which they develop. The genes of the Sargo brand are deeply rooted in the strong boatbuilding tradition along Finland’s pristine West Coast. This is also true for Sargo Explorer. We can proudly present a series of very special sport boats based on nearly 50 years of manufacturing knowledge, featuring a complete range of models between 25 and 36 ft. In Sargo Explorer’s DNA one can trace the pioneering...

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Clean lines, outright practicality and visual flair prevail in Sargo’s Scandinavian interior & cockpit design. Decades of research and development have taught us one lesson: form always follows function, not the other way round. The more you study the details inside, the more convinced you become of the all-encompassing functionalism. Sargo Explorer’s cabin and cockpit boast a Scandinavian flair of clean lines, well-tested ergonomics, a palette of cool colors and an array of brilliant practical details. This interior is designed to make you feel good not only by looking at it, but in using...

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“There is indeed something very special about boats made in this part of Finland. I guess it’s the Ostrobothnian nature, the skill and creativity of the designers and craftsmen that explain the robust toughness of the product. We’re proud of the solid and trustworthy Sargo boat.” Mr. Thomas Sarin, CEO of Sarins Boats Oy Ab, son of Edy.

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Even in rough seas Sargo’s ride is anything but rough. Thanks to her solid build there is very little noise. Sargo Explorer’s home waters are the Gulf of Bothnia. Its Arctic latitudes are known for their violent storms, choppy waves, treacherous reefs and rocks under the surface. For a few winter months the gulf and the shorelines freeze. The Ostrobothnian boat builders learned their craft in these tough conditions. This is why Sargo Explorer is a true all-season boat whose speed, handling and ride can take you safely beyond the usual comfort zone of good weather. The tranquil midsummer...

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By now we know you have decided to buy a new boat. Now the question is: are you serious enough for a Sargo? For most pleasure skippers boating is ultimate quality time with family and friends. Of course, we do not have to sell you the idea of this lifestyle, rather that you might just be worth a boat brand that is out of the ordinary. Sargo is seldom the cheapest choice. That’s why we like to talk about a rational investment. A new Sargo Explorer holds its value. Its built-in quality means that you can expect years of trouble-free boating pleasure. Seriously, we like compromises as little...

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Our attention to details is more than skin-deep. Again, Sargo surprises you in more than one respect. Every single Sargo Explorer has been tested at sea. Every component is extra durable and robust to withstand wear and tear. The Explorer’s custom details make a sporty statement, such as the matte black finish on the deck rails and window frames. Every time we build a new Sargo, we aim at something that is more than the mere sum of its parts. Our product development is a never-ending evolution based on careful steps of improvement. The essence of every Sargo is more than skin-deep. And so...

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”Life at sea is in our veins, and not only within our family, but amongst most of our partners, associates and coworkers. Here on Finland’s West Coast you meet not only boatbuilders, but people whose other nature is to enjoy the seaside and offshore during all seasons. We know what to expect from our boats. And how to make them.” Mrs. Lillemor Sarin, CEO of Sarins Boats Oy Ab 2005-2011, wife of Edy, mother of Thomas, David, Johannes and Susan

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"What do we mean by Sargo’s tough sportiness? It goes without saying that all of our models are fast (up to 40 knots) and always seaworthy. Sargo is known for its great handling, its comfortable ride along with its stability in turns. Truly, Sargo is a very sporty and smart pleasure boat." Mr. Johannes Sarin, Head of Finances, son of Edy. At times the sea can be cruel. Therefore, your safety at sea can never be taken for granted. In Sargo's case safety has always been standard. Sargo standard means that we deliver a generous list of features and equipment that many others offer as extras....

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SARGO 31DIMENSIONS Length overall (LOA) Hull length Beam Draft Dry weight * Dry weight ** Height above WL to radar arch Length overall (LOA) Hull length Beam Draft Height above WL to radar arch 2,70 m/9.1 ft Berths 2 + 2 Height above WL to radar arch 2,95 m/9.7 ft Berths 2 + 2 Diesel tank * Diesel tank ** Water tank Septic tank Engine battery Service batteries Diesel tank * Diesel tank ** Water tank Septic tank Engine battery Service batteries Diesel tank * Diesel tank ** Water tank Septic tank Engine battery Service batteries Engine recommendation ** Top speed range Fuel consumption (25...

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Length overall (LOA) Hull length Beam Draft Dry weight * Dry weight ** Height above WL to radar arch 3,10 m/10,2 ft Berths 2 + 3 Engine recommendation Engine recommendation ** Top speed range Fuel consumption (25 kn) * Maximum cruising range/time Maximum load CE category Height above WL to radar arch 3,19 m/10.5 ft Berths 2 + 3 Height above WL to radar arch 4,10 m/13.5 ft Berths 2 + 3 PERFORMANCE preliminary Top speed range 28-42 knots Maximum cruising range/time ** 400 nm/16 h Maximum load 2000 kg Engine recommendation Engine recommendation ** Top speed range Fuel consumption (25 kn) *...

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SMART COMMUNICATION / CREAMEDIA / FRAM / 2017 / 1 The information in this brochure is not binding. Special equipment which is not part of the standard boats is shown in the pictures. All figures refer to lightly loaded boats, are for guidance purposes only and do not form any part of a contract. Isokarintie 4 FI-67900 Kokkola, Finland

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