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Comprehensive service for your plant – for it’s entire lifecycle Play it safe with SAACKE Marine Systems SAACKE Marine Systems oversees your equipment for its entire lifecycle. That means that we are on-site before your equipment is delivered, we diligently supervise its installation, start-up and maintenance, perform checks and analyses as well as compiling precise equipment documentation. Our collaboration however, is not limited to the warranty period – we will of course continue to assist you without limitation after its expiration. Take advantage of our customized service solutions for...

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An overview of our services Quality is the main benchmark for the products and services of SAACKE Marine Systems. We provide comprehensive, first-class service – 365 days a year, across the globe. Our staff will be there for you, not only when it comes to solving an acute problem, but also for consultation and assistance in the preparation and implementation of alterations and modernizations. Another key focus of our service is regular, preventive maintaining the long-term value of your equipment. Through regular advanced training courses and seminars, we maintain and develop the technical...

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To make use of valuable energy from exhaust heat, which is otherwise lost with diesel generators, we can offer an ex- Exhaust heat recovery haust heat recovery boiler system for nearly any type of ship. Our exhaust boilers are suitable for integration in all existing steam generation systems as completely separate units with their own steam chamber, or by means of warm water circulation connected to the existing steam generator. Several exhaust lines can merge into one boiler body. The installation of this type of boiler will significantly increase the efficiency of the system, reduce fuel...

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1 2 Uncover savings potential – increase energy efficiency Process of plant modernization Due to the continuously rising operating costs on ships, we develop customized solutions for the optimization of your system. Focusing on the trouble-free interaction of all system components, our team cooperates with your experts to find energy-efficient options compliant with all new environmental regulations while utilizing state-of-the-art technology. In this way, you benefit from our decades of experience in the field of industrial combustion technology and system control. This expertise provides...

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Application reports Cruise ship – fuel savings with new exhaust gas boiler The operators of the cruise ship Louis Olympia were looking for ways to lower the fuel consumption of the boiler system. A ship inspection carried out by SAACKE revealed that the existing exhaust gas boiler system was in need of optimization. Working together with the customer, a new, more efficient exhaust gas boiler was designed and manufactured, and the individual components were brought on board for assembly. The installation was carried out by our repair team during the idle winter season. After commissioning,...

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Customer service centers Europe // Germany – Bremen ASIA // China – Qingdao EUROPE // Croatia – Zagreb At home worldwide – and always nearby Bremen (Germany) In addition to being the manufacturing center for burners, electronic control equipment and other components, the Development and Test center is also located here at the company headquarters. More than 20 countries and 70 international branches, and over 1,000 highly skilled employees – as with our products, our service centers are available on every continent. Around the globe and around the clock: our international teams are there...

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SAACKE GmbH Südweststraße 13 28237 Bremen, Germany Tel. +49 421 6495-0 Fax +49 421 6495-5363

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