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Better energy just needs a breath of imagination. Discover energy you never thought you had.

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Analyzing process Discover the power of by-products. The world’s appetite for energy is growing considerably. Being one of the leading manufacturers of combustion technology systems and products, we know that we have an enormous responsibility to mankind, which we take very seriously. Our answer is to provide solutions that improve efficiency, economics and profitability while conserving our natural resources. So our environment. The latter through the conversion of by-products and use of alternative fuels. SAACKE has developed various technologies for low-emission combustion of by-products...

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Use energy more efficiently. SAACKE: individual and systematic. SAACKE, a specialist in the design and manufacture of burners, system solutions and turnkey plants for industrial thermal processes. The preferred choice for cuttingedge solutions, whether onshore, offshore or on-board. With a network of manufacturing facilities, over 1,000 highly qualified employees as well as offices and sales partners strategically positioned across the globe, we are there for you where and when you need us. What sets SAACKE products and systems apart from the competition is their superb energy efficiency,...

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The chemical industry specialist. Particularly in the chemical industry, the energy potential of by-products and residues often goes untapped. There are several reasons for this, but the most challenging are the volatile calorific values and problematic nitrogen content levels of these gases and liquids. Our engineers and experts excel at turning resources you’d written off into energy. They analyze individual processes closely to discover and evaluate available potential before getting to work on developing specific solutions that enable utilization of your problem substances. Whether...

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The new combustion plant for the thermal recovery of waste chemical production material at the ANGUS Chemie GmbH location in Ibbenburen. Maximum efficiency from a single source. Besides developing individual components, we also support our customers as a general contractor for turnkey solutions, including overall project management. We installed a complete combustion plant for ANGUS Chemie GmbH based on the principle of recycling waste chemical production material to reclaim the energy, for example. The plant has a capacity of eleven megawatts and makes a significant contribution to energy...

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