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You might think it started in 1976. I would rather say the late 40 s or early 50 s. A few nautical miles west of Marstrand there’s a small island with a light house called Pater Noster. It was built in 1868. Pater Noster is the latin name of the prayer Our Father and its origin is much older than the light house itself. In the old days when seamen and fishermen approached Marstrand, they said that prayer in hope of reaching their destination. Marstrand is a fabulous sailing venue but it can quickly turn dangerous with hard winds, rough seas, a strong current and thousands of treacherous...

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Sail Hardware - 3

Super Rings & Tools 2. SUPER RING SLUG SLIDES & INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS 12. SAIL SLIDES & SHACKLES Batten fittings Head-, Clewboards & Blocks 1. SUPER RINGS & TOOLS 13. CLEATS & OTHER ACCESSORIES Battens & Accessories 5. FASTENERS & TOOLS FOR HEAD- AND CLEWBOARDS Carbon Fibre Products Sail slides, Shackles & Cleats

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Sail Hardware - 4

The Super Ring is made of high grade Swedish stainless steel and is being refined in a complex system of forming and blanking dies. When pressed onto a cloth, the Super Ring's teeth penetrate easily without damaging the surrounding area. Additionally, the teeth of the Super Ring are evenly spaced to provide maximum holding power as they bend uniformly to spread the load. The strength of the rings' construction and the unsurpassed grip on the on the cloth makes the Super Ring perfect for all kinds of heavy duty cloth and can be applied in the toughest industrial conditions. Outside the...

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Sail Hardware - 5

Super Ring application guide Ring size Press speed MAX 5,0 m/min *Sailmaker Ounces [smoz]: The weight in Ounces of a 36"x28.5" piece of cloth. Please note that recommended loads and max loads are typical values for a ring inserted in polyester reinforcement sailcloth in as many layers as required to achieve the specified patch weight.

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Sail Hardware - 6

Super Ring Closing tools The Closing tools for Rutgerson Super Rings are made of high grade tool steel that has been hard chromed and hardened to the highest possible industrial standard. The tools for SR10 and SR12 are suitable for hand hammering or hydraulic press operations. The SR55 requires a two-step pressing process and this tool is constructed as a four piece tool. For maximum durability it is mandatory to keep the tools clean from dirt and not to exceed the recommended press force on the dies listed below. The Closing ^ tools are specially constructed for pressing no other rings...

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Sail Hardware - 7

The Rutgerson Ring Removal Tool is a simple and well engineered tool that quickly presses and disassembles the ring from the cloth without damaging or weakening the structural integrity of the cloth. This hydraulic, press operated tool will reduce a two hour operation to one that only takes less than 30 seconds. New rings may be pressed into the original cloth immediately, using the same holes in the cloth for a new toothed washer. Place the pressed ring on the Lower Die (B) with the teeth part facing upwards and the liner part at the bottom. Place the Punch (A) over the guide post with the...

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Sail Hardware - 8

SUPER RING SLUG SLIDES & INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS Super Ring Integral Slug Slides Slug slides are perfectly suited for attaching a cloth to a track or rail. The slug slides come in many different sizes and are pressed on the cloth with a Super Ring for maximum strength and grip on the cloth. Single slug slides

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Sail Hardware - 9

Super Ring Integral D-ring The Super Grip system is based on the Super Ring concept and is developed to offer a range of different applications for canvas and cloth. With this system, it is possible to connect two pieces of canvas, create an edge lined with wire, bolt the canvas permanently to an object or use together with a line. The possibilities are endless with the Super Grip System. Super Ring Wire Rope Support Thimble Part no The thimble fitting holds the wire in place and displays the forces proportionally between the ring, the thimble fitting and the cloth. The wire rope in the...

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Sail Hardware - 10

These attachments are specially designed for situations in which you have a tensioning wire or rope running along the edge of a tent or an architectural structure. This mechanical fastening is closed by bolts and nuts to permit attachment to a pressed or spliced wire. Multipurpose Attachment 10XX-950 This attachment has a smoothly rounded tie-in hole that protects ropes, webbings, wires etc. from chafing. For example, by pressing in a Super Ring with one or more attachments, an additional hole(s) is created for securing ropes, wires or webbings in one simple operation. Bolt Through...

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Sail Hardware - 11

Super Grip Connector 10XX-90X Available in different lengths, this connector combines multiple rings to absorb loads at specific points. It is also used to line tent edges, or to provide reinforced holes along edges so a tent or membrane may be bolted to a structure. All Super Grip attachments are packed per piece.

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Sail Hardware - 12

MAINSAIL HEADBOARD, for webbing fastening The web on headboard plates are manufactured in anodized aluminium, and are easily attached to the to section by standard webbing sizes. All slots and outer edges are rounded to prevent chafing and both halyard and car attachment holes have pre-pressed stainless steel liners. In racing applications where weight saving and strength plays a significant role, all plates can be custom made in carbon fibre with titanium liners upon request. System A fathead System A Monohull System B fathead System B Monohull

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Sail Hardware - 13

C2 Headboard Application & Specification chart Packed per 1 C mono A multi i— 20 ~i-1-1-1-1-r Please note that these are general recommendations, based on monohull standard boats cruising during average weather conditions. Selection of the appropriate product by the buyer shall rest solely with the buyer and Rutgerson accepts no responsibility for any such selection. 13

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Sail Hardware - 14

QFF Quick Flex Fitting HEADBOARDS, for liner fastening The QFF headboard are available in a wide range of sizes to cover the required range of mainsails for boats up to approximately 50ft. Available in both black and silver anodized aluminium, this standard fitting only requires liners and no additional rivets. This makes the assembly of the boards quick and easy, which saves valuable time in sailmakers production by being more efficient. As all boards can be turned to make any straight side the vertical top side, this product will also decrease product variances in stock. Webbing to add...

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