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You might think it started in 1976. I would rather say the late 40 s or early 50 s. A few nautical miles west of Marstrand there’s a small island with a light house called Pater Noster. It was built in 1868. Pater Noster is the latin name of the prayer Our Father and its origin is much older than the light house itself. In the old days when seamen and fishermen approached Marstrand, they said that prayer in hope of reaching their destination. Marstrand is a fabulous sailing venue but it can quickly turn dangerous with hard winds, rough seas, a strong current and thousands of treacherous...

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Master Flush Hatches 20 Exclusive Flush Hatches 21 Blocks and wire Blocks 22 Padeyes and stainless steel fittings 37 General warranty & key terms of supply by Rutgerson Marin AB 51 CONTENTS Portlights Hatches Blocks Rope Clutches Padeyes & Mainsheet Genoa System Self Tacking Organisers System Jib System

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PORTLIGHTS Rutgerson portlights are famous for their seamless design as well as extensive range of shapes and sizes. Portlights let light and air into the boat and keep water and moisture out. They also make a strong visual statement about the quality of the craft. The design and construction of Rutgerson portlights fit all kinds of boats, but they are are in particular suitable for the high end of the market as they offer great upper class added value. The Rutgerson portlights are deep drawn in Swedish stainless steel 316L and polished to a high lustre. The seamless construction ensures...

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Stainless steel reinforcement Oval Portlight 403 x 204 mm Part no Engine room ventilation Stainless steel reinforcement means that there is a frame on the inside of the acrylic glass that increases the rigidity of the portlight. It also gives the portlight a high-class impression when viewed from the inside.

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Cutout line Oval Portlight dimension guide A X Cut-out dimensions [mm] A B C Radius 381 181 91 Rectangular Portlight dimension guide Outer dimensions [mm] XxY 370 x 164 402 x 195 428 x 179 700 x 191 Eliptical Portlight dimension guide Outer dimensions [mm] XxY 450 x 195 485 x 225 Cut-out dimensions [mm] B C Radius 173 389 205 390 Photo: Curtesy of Viknes Boats

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Stainless steel reinforcment Opening Fixed Opening Rectangular Portlight 700 x 191 mm

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Opening Rectangular Portlight 370 x 164 mm Rectangular Portlight dimension guide Outer dimensions [mm]

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Stainless steel reinforcement Opening Fixed Elliptical Portlight 450 x 195 mm

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Stainless steel reinforcment Opening Fixed

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Opening Round Portlight 250 mm Round cutout Round Portlight dimension guide

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Customised Portlights Due to our flexible production facilities and knowledgeable staff, there are endless possibilities for customised portlights. Through the years we have produced numerous unique models for boats such as Moody 41, Elan, Storebro and many more (see pictures). It is possible to change shape, colour of the glass, colour of the stainless steel frame or innerframe and constructional alternatives such as the opening mechanism or hinges. We would be happy to discuss any ideas that our customers might have concerning new designs. Made for Moody - Germany Made for Yamarin -...

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Accessories Portlights Oval Inner frames

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HATCHES Using the best materials available, stainless steel, acrylic and composite, we offer a stunning range of hatches. There are three ranges with different design and application. The hatch frames have no welded seams to maximise the strength and integrity when confronted with the worst elements at sea. All hatches are CE approved for Area 2a. Area 2a Delivery time for our hatches is approximately 4 weeks. For detailed information, please see the specific hatch line. Rutgerson Rund Classic Hatch Photo: Curtesy of Windy Boats Rutgerson Exclusive Flush Hatch

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Best in action Classic Hatches Round 0500 mm Half-round 0500 mm Square 556x556 mm Square 456x456 mm Rectangular 556x276 mm Master Flush Hatches Square size 10 Square size 44 Square size 60 Exclusive Flush Hatches Round 0500 mm Rectangular 200x340 mm Square 500x500 mm

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Classic Hatch Line Our Classic Hatch Line has an elegant, timeless design due to its seamless construction and mirror-polished frame. The hatch lid combines the highest grade Swedish stainless steel and acrylic glass. The frame is made of an extremely strong, UV-resistant composite material. The classic range is designed to compliment the aesthetics of all types of boats and generate a retro, classy feeling. The hatches are available in different shapes: Round, square, half-round and rectangular. The thickness of the acrylic glass for the Classic Hatch range is 10mm. Product description...

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Classic Hatches cutout

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Master Flush Hatch Line The Rutgerson Master Flush hatches are at this stage available in sizes 10 ,44 and 60. The Master Line has a modern, trendy design that will give the boat a sporty image. As the name implies, the Master Flush hatch Line is flush but requires a recess on the deck. Once the recess is in place, however, the hatch is incredibly easy to install. The hatches consist of a faced, tinted acrylic glass and a frame made out of a high-tech composite. The handles can either be made of stainless steel or composite. The combination of clever construction and the unique innovation...

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The Exclusive Flush hatch is the most luxurious hatch that you will find on the market. It is completely unique due to its stainless steel frame. This model is completely flushed against the deck, giving the boat a smooth and streamlined impression. The boat designer can optimise the total construction of the deck due to the flush hatches'draining system, which is incorporated into the frame. Another unique aspect of this hatch is that the drainage hole is covered by a screen to prevent dirt from clogging up the drainage pipe. The exclusive flush haAth does not require a recess on deck for...

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BLOCKS The Rutgerson block assortment is unique in its design and functionality. The key to its success is that both the sheave and the cheeks are produced from a high-tech composite material of such a great strength that no stainless steel reinforcement is needed. Consequently, the overall weight is dramatically reduced. The new material has “smooth touch” properties and the work load is clearly marked in order to avoid uncertainty. Spherical plain bearings are used for our assortment, which render the blocks very strong and completely maintenance free. Plain bearings will never deform...

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