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Performance range Sail it. Live it. Love it.

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RS Performance Range From the outset, RS boats have been created with passion. A passion to use the latest developments in construction and rig technology to produce boats that are more fun to sail, easier to handle and faster. Our heritage in flat out racing classes means that our range of Performance boats is unparalleled. Men and women of all experience levels are catered for in range of award-winning designs that satisfy even the most discerning sailors. We are proud of our reputation for exciting boats that couple outstanding build quality with beautiful handling. Our construction...

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Performance_2013 - 4

Class Associations Great times on and off the water All of the boats in our Performance Range have a highly active Class Association dedicated to organising fantastic events all over the world. They are run by sailors, for sailors and they are an extremely passionate bunch responsible for everything from major event planning to maintaining the class rules. Each Class has their own dedicated association and a web-site with events, news and a forum for community activity and that all important sailing banter! RS events are renowned for their amazing atmosphere, professional organisation and...

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Performance_2013 - 5

Mylar fully battened 10.96m2 / 115sqft Dacron Jib: 3m2/ 31sqft Dacron main: 7.5m2/80sqft 13.94m2 / 150sqft Carbon composite Epoxy foam sandwich Mylar Jib: 3.6m2/ 37sqft Mylar fully battened Mylar main: Full: 12.1m2 / 131sqft 9.5m2/ 100sqft Reefed: 10.55m2 /113sqft Mylar 4.92m2 / 52sqft Mylar + Kevlar Semi-battened 12.8m2 / 127sqft Mylar + Kevlar Semi-battened 11.77m2 / 124sqft Aluminium alloy Aluminium alloy, tapered mast Carbon composite Carbon composite Carbon composite Vinylester foam sandwich Epoxy foam sandwich Epoxy foam sandwich Epoxy foam sandwich Daggerboard, pivot rudder Both...

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Performance_2013 - 6

Even before production began, the design of the eagerly awaited RS100 was closely followed by sailors all over the world. It not only had to live up to the expectation, but also appeal to a wide range of sailor sizes. Sail options allow you to choose the rig to suit your size and experience. Performance sailing made easy Many sailors have been fascinated by high performance single-handers with gennaker and trapeze, but they require dedication to master and race competitively. The RS100 brings modern high performance sailing within reach of a many more sailors. The hull is ultra light with...

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Performance_2013 - 7

Love it CLASS ASSOCIATIO N The world’s fastest selling performance single hander is now an ISAF Class with fleets building in many parts of the globe, a growing race programme and World Championships in 2013.

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Performance_2013 - 8

^e&n SOj/otS /^a^mQ Z*/?<£ do/J^erfz'/ on an a/y)(ZZjr><^ ~th& £ar! fro/yt CL/U& /yiat&s and a.oup/&sy to

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Performance_2013 - 9

The RS200 is one of the most popular two person sailboats of today, and it’s easy to see why. With easy, beautiful handling and adrenaline packed sailing for men and women, it is both exciting and a pleasure to sail. The best sailing experience One of the most successful race classes of the modern era with big fleets and awesome events. Exciting performance & responsive handling compliment this highly competitive and sociable fleet, now spreading internationally. Anyone who has sailed an RS200 downwind in a blow will testify to the boat’s fantastic excitement and pace. Its asymmetric...

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Performance_2013 - 10

Broad sailor weight range Innovative design - Great performance Long lasting durability Looking like it could take off at any moment, and with lines the envy of every boat in the park, she’s more than aesthetically pleasing. The same advanced computer design process that was used on the RS600 was used to produce a stunning hull form with great performance. It’s the boat that evokes passion and desire. Fast, responsive and challenging. The RS300 is a definitive boat. It has masses of innovative design features to improve handling and performance and has won accolades & fans since the day it...

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Performance_2013 - 11

One of the fastest production singlehanders with a cult following due to its ultra light weight and incredibly responsive handling.

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Performance_2013 - 12

One of the success stories of modern racing classes, the RS400 has built many club racing fleets, a vibrant sponsored racing circuit and some of the most competitive championships at stunning venues - With a serious social scene to match.

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Performance_2013 - 13

Beautiful handling - Great racing The design is the result of Phil Morrison’s years of experience – The perfect blend of speed, manoeuvrability and good manners. Vice free and a real joy to sail, the RS400 delivers superb racing at club, circuit and championship level. The rig is highly adjustable with excellent power control and, when coupled with the high volume hull, these features allow a wide competitive crew weight range. Designed for ease and control Nothing matches the RS400’s balanced and responsive handling, its good manners in big breeze and the excitement of asymmetric racing in...

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Performance_2013 - 14

The hull design, cockpit ergonomics and rig size result from extensive R & D meaning the RS500 is ideal for sailors across a broad weight range. The RS500 suits mixed crews, both young and more experienced. The clear cockpit and user friendly performance mean the RS500 is equally at home blasting along a beach as it is on the race track. It’s not only fast and fun, the RS500 is also rapidly growing in popularity. There is a choice of sails: XL spec Mylar main and jib for Class racing and top performance, or the smaller S spec Dacron sails for durability, training and recreational sailing....

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Performance_2013 - 15

With ISAF Class status and growing fleets in many countries, the RS500 gives fantastic competition in clubs, on the RS Racing Circuit and up to World Championship level. If you’re young at heart, love to travel and enjoy a big party after sailing, this is the class!

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Performance_2013 - 16

LOVE it Challenging & exciting racing that keeps discerning sailors coming back for more. From club racing to competition on the RS Racing Circuit - Nothing quite matches the feel of an RS600.

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