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BODEWES TRADER 4800 DWAT Main particulars Length overall Length b.p.p Breath mld. Depth mld. Design draught Dead weight Tonnage Speed Classification Lloyd's Register of Shipping *100 A1 Strengthened for heavy cargoes. Container cargoes in holds. Strengthened for loading and unloading aground. Swedish/Finnish Ice Class 1B *LMC, UMC General cargo capacities Hold capacity abt. 235.000 cft Free height in hold: 9.00 m One cargo hold, covered with ten pontoon hatch covers handled with a SWL 20 ton hatch cover crane. Box-shaped hold, vertical sides. Propulsion Main engine: MaK 6M25C Output Gearbox C.P.P. Rudder Steering gear Bow thruster Aux. engines Shaft generator Em/harbour engine Loading Tank top: 15 t/m2 20ft container stack load 72 ton 40 ft container stack load 80 ton Hatch covers: 1.6 t/m2 20 ft container stack load 32 ton 40 ft container stack load 48 ton Container capacities according to IMO In hold (total) 126 TEU Tank Capacities Fuel oil (IFO180) Fuel oil (Gasoil) Fresh water Ballast water Accommodation A modern, attractive and practical accommodation for 9 persons. Each of them has a private cabin with sanitary facilities and air conditioning. WERFKADE 22, 9601 LG, P.O. BOX 32, 9600 AA, HOOGEZAND,THE NETERLANDS PHONE: +36 598 393 131 | |

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