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BODEWES OIL BUNKER TANKER 2850 M3 Main particulars Length overall Length b.p.p Breath mid. Depth to main deck Design draught Dead weight Tonnage Speed Tank Capacities 79.95 m Fuel oil (Gasoil) 75.00 m Fresh water 1870 GT I, 51 Hull, * Mach, Oil tanker ESP, Unrestricted 11.7 knots Navigation, * AUT-UMS, AVM-DPS, Ice class IB. General cargo capacities 2 segregations in 14 uncoated tanks. HFO tanks (100%) 2500 m3 Cargo density of 0.85 up to 1.025 t/m3 HFO tanks heated by coils inside tank. Heating by means of thermal oil up to 75°C. Pump capacities Pumps in central pumproom. HFO cargo pump 450 m3/h Propulsion Main engine: MaK 6M25C Output 2 x 746 kW Rudder propellor 2 x HRP thrusters Accommodation A modern, attractive and practical accommodation for a crew of 8 persons. Each person has a single berth cabin. Complete accommodation with ventilation, heating and air conditioning. Hose handling crane On the cargo deck a hose handling crane with a capacity of 995 kg @ 18 mtr to be installed. WERFKADE 22, 9601 LG, P.O. BOX 32, 9600 AA, HOOGEZAND, THE NETERLANDS PHONE: +36 598 393 131 | |

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