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Choose… You want to get your boats out of the water, and transport and store them quickly and safely. Durable and at the lowest possible cost. You want an optimal return from your business, a logistics solution that generates more revenue and increases profitability. Roodberg, the specialist in boat handling, looks into your individual situation, your business management and ambitions, your overall logistic conditions. Roodberg offers expert advice and personal service. The best solution for optimal result in your specific situation. For over 70 years.

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Jisk Knijpstra, the founder of the company, in his workshop in Terband. Over the years, Roodberg has become an international leading brand that combines personal advice and custom work with worldwide service and warranty. What never changed in all these years: the core values of quality, knowledge and craftsmanship. ​​ since 1936 A rich history A rich history, a high standard. Founded in Fryslân - abounding in water and originated from the love for craftmanship of many generations Knijpstra. Meanwhile, the third generation is in charge of Roodberg. Dating back to 1978, in consultation with...

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a seal of quality “Our name tag is the final part.” If the product has been designed and constructed to meet all requirements and collective insights, the Roodberg logo is applied on it with care and pride. Every Roodberg installation and construction is solid and durable tailor made for the client. A solution that represents perfect logistics and craftsmanship. craftmanship Driven by technique About one hundred technically skilled professionals. Years of knowledge and experience in manufacturing high-quality installations and constructions. Six acres of machine factory, well-equipped and...

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Roodberg service Clear language and action Advanced design software and the use of internal control and quality systems guarantee the quality of design and production. Because all disciplines are run in-house, you can get support worldwide. And of course, for every Roodberg installation all parts can always be supplied.

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power lifting Robust power Slipway trailers from 15 to 150 metric ton, transport trailers from 18 to 250 ton, self-propelled boat hoists from 20 to 1000 ton, fixed cranes from 10 to 150 ton, and heavy duty and maintenance-free storage equipment. Robust products, safe, with a long lifespan. Designed on the basis of user experiences and the decades-long experience of Roodberg. As a result, your boat handling is not only faster and more economical, but also safer. Roodberg products guarantee years of trouble-free ease of use and maintenance.

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Launch Recovery Lifting Transport Storage Slipway trailers Transport trailers Travellifts Static power cranes

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AUNCH& RECOVERY Efficient and durable Motorboats, sailing yachts, catamarans, fishing boats or patrol vessels: Roodberg slipway trailers allow you to get boats of various sizes and weight classes - up to 150 ton - out of the water.

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trailers Safe and strong The advantages of your Roodberg slipway trailer: you get more boats out of the water; faster, easier and safer. Safer for you, but also for your boats, as the height adjustable carrier frame encloses the hull of the ship seamlessly and prevents damage. The in length adjustable steering draw bar allows you to transport boats of different lengths. Because the trailer is easily and precisely maneuverable, your storage space is utilized to the optimum. kolomzwenkkranen supkopregel Roodberg slipway trailers fit to all hull shapes.

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power lifting For heavy weights up to 1000 ton Self-propelled boat hoists in various versions and weight classes. Roodberg offers maintenance-friendly solutions for heavy weights of 20 to 100 ton in the Power Hoist Atlantic range, and from 100 to 1000 ton in the Power Hoist Pacific range.

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Based on your situation, Roodberg is happy to advise you on the type of travellift that suits you best. Because you save on time, maintenance and labor costs, Roodberg’s lift offers an optimal return on investment. Innovative designs and high-quality components offer you a compact, maneuverable and remote controlled machine, tailored to your specific needs, a smart and durable solution. Roodberg travellifts in all kinds of designs.

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LIFTING EQUIPMENT Versatile solution    Roodberg’s static power cranes are solid, overdimensioned and smoothly finished steel constructions. Whether or not combined with a Roodberg transport trailer, the crane offers you a user-friendly boat handling solution for all types of ships from 10 up to 150 ton.

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STATIC POWER CRANES Roodberg static power cranes can be provided with an electric or hydraulic drive. With a lifting capacity of 1 to 150 ton, equipped with one hoisting yoke or four independently controlled and mobile hoisting points, a Roodberg crane combines optimal safety with ease of use. With four lifting points every boat can be hoisted securely and stable in and out of the water, even in windy conditions. The smart constructions ensure low maintenance costs. Roodberg static power cranes.

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Transport & storage More storage, limited transport costs Increase your storage capacity, and reduce transport costs. With a Roodberg towed or self-propelled trailer you transport sailing yachts and motorboats of all lengths and weight classes safely to and from the storage area.

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Transport Trailers Roodberg trailers are hydraulically height adjustable, compact and maneuverable. With the guarantee of stability and safety in all circumstances and all terrain types. storage Space saving Roodberg cradles are strong, as good as maintenance-free, and thus the proven champion to operate. Roodberg offers many space-saving solutions. Specials Custom made Roodberg means custom work of the highest class. This has been proven several times for clients with exceptional requirements, including the Dutch Royal Navy and Royal Dutch Rescue Company (KNRM).

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